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Bianchi USA has a reputation for making some seriously competitive road racing bikes, but is often overlooked for mountain bike and cyclocross racing models. With the heritage of the Gewiss-Bianchi mountain bike team in Europe , we’ve taken aim at the Cross Country race circuit with the 2009 SOK SRAM 29r. TECHNOLOGY : For 2009, Bianchi’s top level 29r has received a parts and frame change. (note: the bike in the following photos is my personal ride and some parts have been changed from stock; such as the stem, handlebar, saddle and headset) The new frame design provides more muscle; strength, pedaling efficiency, and agility. This design is benchmarked by Bianchi’s use of 7000 grade, hydroformed, triple butted aluminum. The process of hydroforming has been used extensively over the years on our road bikes with much success. The end result is a well tuned frame, stiffer bottom bracket region for better efficiency/faster acceleration and sharper steering. The curved downtube is an

Bianchi C2C 928 Classic

Or at least that is what I'd brand this model as. A fellow rider presented me with a vision and a box full of bike parts and a frame that he had acquired Fall of 2008. His request was simple, transfer the parts over, clean them up (phew that was a tough one, my finger tips are still torn up!), swap over the measurements of the previous steed and offer some creativity to the rest of the build. This frame was already a modern upgrade; coming from Italian Boron steel to a full carbon frame and fork. But to some cyclist, a frame of carbon is too modern, too cold, too much tech perhaps. I love steel bikes. I enjoy the warmth they exuded when you ride them. The liveliness, the snappiness in the handling, it's a totally different dance than riding a full carbon frame. The rider selected some nice bits from Brooks, a saddle, bar tape and brown HUDZ covers to replace the worn stock Campagnolo Ergo covers. I suggested going with the classic Velocity Deep V Celeste colored rims. I lace

Winter blues.

Working from home, sick, sick of winter and it's snowing outside now. I used to get excited when it snowed. Mainly because of managing a snowboard shop. Now that I'm in the bike biz, I could careless if it ever snows. -- Post From My iPhone s.b.

Bianchi Pista crank.

This bike is becoming addictive; to ride and replace parts. I installed a Campy Centaur crank with a 44t ring and a Token ISO bb(from prev post). I had to get creative with the chainring bolts because Campy uses a proprietary hole size on their crank arm spider. With that against me, I flipped around the stock double ring bolts for now until I find a better solution. -- Post From My iPhone s.b.

Cool Christmas gifts.

Here are two gifts worth mentioning. Thanks for the book Cinco. Mom, Mr. Bill has always been my fave! -- Post From My iPhone s.b.