Honda Element Sirius Starmate Installation

This post is a tad late but bettter late than never.

Since I spend a ton of time driving with my job, it is a must to have the Sirius hooked up in the Element. My good friend Cinco has a Subie with a Sirius tuner and a really cool bracket that mounts the unit to the dash.

His bracket gives the installation a clean appearance without some weak suction cup/window system that will drill you in the face should you ever be in an accident. In my case, the more I can attach firmly to my dash via hardware the better off I am.

TSS Radio stocks the bracket. I ended up finding it from a store on eBay and since I had some Paypal bucks to burn -- click!

With the passenger side door open, I started removing the side dash cover, removed the passenger side facing dash cover which contains the air vent assembly, removed the bezel around the radio. And installed the bracket utilizing the bottom faceplate mounting point. I suppose you could use the bracket screw up top thus moving the Sirius unit away from blocking the Tuning knob but this would cause the unit to generate more heat in the wintertime with the vents blasting hot air.

I purchased a right angle male to female 1/8" stereo plug from Radio Shack and a 12' section of 1/8" stereo cable male to female; black. Wire loom/covering and a 12" section of 1/8" stereo cable, Belkin iPhone 1/8" plug adapter rounded out the supplies.

I ran the antenna from the roof/passenger side down under the weather stripping in the door jam and into the dash were I removed the side dash pieces. The piece of dash that contains the vent, I drilled a half inch hole under the left side to feed the cables out of. (see final photo). The kicker of all this is that I have an Element SC not an EX or LX where the later models have an AUX IN jack next to the 12v outlet in the dash. This is where the right angle plug and the 12' stereo cable comes in. I ran the 12' cable under the dash from the Sirius unit, under the center console and up into the armrest region. I did use the 12v outlet in the dash to power the Starmate. The excess wire from the power cable I tucked up into the 1/2" hole and the looped it into the wire loom tubing.

I connected the 12' cable to the Belkin adapter plug and then to the 12" cable. If I want to listen to my iPhone/iPod, I disconnect the cable at the Belkin and plug the Belkin into the iPhone which is then patched into the AUX IN with the 12" 1/8" stereo cable.

The results are satisfying, or at least to me. I used to do stereo installs in High School and Tech School and doing work like this never gets old! I keep the remote in the shelf portion of the 12v outlet.

Now that Sirius and XM have merged I've lost the Punk Channel, UGH!



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