Lake Redman trail scouting

Sunday I took sometime to attend a meeting with the local bike club and the Land Manager for the York County Parks. The park has been logged out over the past few years and the trail network is in need of redeveloping. While local riders and people have been grumbling about the change of landscape down there, I am constantly reminding them that this is a perfect opportunity to create some new, fresh and progressive trails.

This is the newly created overlook (not an overlook on purpose but soon to be redirected trail) where just forward of the fall line in the bottom of the picture, may be the start of a new trail. As long as the planners in the corpo office like it, there could be a section that connects here, down to the bottom of Trail 1 via 3 or so switchbacks.

Following the meeting, we departed for a ride led by Skip. As usual it was chocked full of climbing when he leads the pack. Despite the gray and gloomy skies, I had a blast riding newly re-routed trails at Redman. I used to claim that I knew Lake Redman like the back of my hand...guess I need to get out and get reacquainted with Redman fast!



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