Fall riding. Cranksgiving York 2008. Shop Gentei

So far so good on the '09 Bianchi SOK SRAM. The traction that bike has is unbeliveable and now that I'm used to the center of balance on the 29 inch wheels, slow speed cornering is getting somewhat better now. I'm surprised that I've been able to ride it a bit on the Moto side of things. Which is contrary to the handling of most big wheeled bikes, slow, cumbersome. Most of them are the first 3 rides on them, then after that your body adapts to the dynamics of the new frame geometry and you become 'one with the bike' so to speak.

The true test is 2 tasks at Rocky Ridge. One- pedaling up the wall on trail 3 and pedaling up out of the bottom of Trail 8. The wall was cleaned easily in my middle ring. I used to fight to keep the front wheel down on steep climbs like The Wall. This time it was wasy easier with the larger wheels. Trail 8-I dabbed in two sections that were super knarly so that didn't upset me. The rock gardens are now a tad smaller with the better approach angle of the bigger tires. I felt bad for the two guys I passed on their Single Speed 29rs...sometimes you need gears boys!
Cranksgiving York 2008 is coming up this Saturday, can't wait. I'll need lots of coffee because I'll be in VA two days prior visiting dealers. Cinco and I are riding over and he is supposed to bring his steel cross bike with trailer in tow for the goods we collect for the York Food Bank. Be there!
Last week I was in Baltimore and stopped in to visit a shop that has been on my hit list for a long time. I stumbled upon them a while back through some fixed gear link-age.
Shop Gentei
I'm a sucka for good merchandising and this store has it. Oliver is a very proud shop owner and is now opening a location in Towson, MD which will handle more skate merchadise. The other people in the store were really nice and open to talk to you which is key this day and age with any boutique shop.

Gentei handles fashion, fixed gear and a huge support for local businesses like Red Maple. November 27 is their Grand-Reopening party at RM; for the Baltimore store.



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