Campy Daytona.

I'm doing up a new bike for a friend (with his old groupo).

He has Campy Daytona, remember that one? Not many do. It's the pre-Veloce groupo. The hubs are being reused in the new build so after cutting them out of the old hoops I proceeded to service them.

After close inspection I'm still amazed every time I service a Campy hub set. Amazed by how well sealed the balls and races are. For those that have only service loose ball Shimano type, I'm sorry to hear that. No really, the bearing system is similar in design to that of a headset. The ball bearings sit in a captured race with a coned compression ring and outercap that cinches down against the ring and locks into place via small screw/lockring.

After a tidy service inside and out, re-greasing and servicing the ratchet ring/freehub assembly, I have one clean set of hubs.

To make a better point, I should have taken a photo of the condition of the hubs upon removal from the original wheelset. The cassette in the photo is in an attempted state of clean up as well.

More as the build pans out.



Anonymous said…
Wow! Is this my 15 minutes of fame?! Imagine my delirious good, a stocky, middle-aged, recreational cyclist having a wrench of Will's caliber do a custom build for me:^) "Wrench" is a disservice though. The man is an artist. I say that without a trace of sarcasm. Count me a fan for life.
P.S. Master Says Faster;^)

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