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Campy Daytona.

I'm doing up a new bike for a friend (with his old groupo). He has Campy Daytona, remember that one? Not many do. It's the pre-Veloce groupo. The hubs are being reused in the new build so after cutting them out of the old hoops I proceeded to service them. After close inspection I'm still amazed every time I service a Campy hub set . Amazed by how well sealed the balls and races are. For those that have only service loose ball Shimano type, I'm sorry to hear that. No really, the bearing system is similar in design to that of a headset. The ball bearings sit in a captured race with a coned compression ring and outercap that cinches down against the ring and locks into place via small screw/lockring. After a tidy service inside and out, re-greasing and servicing the ratchet ring/freehub assembly, I have one clean set of hubs. To make a better point, I should have taken a photo of the condition of the hubs upon removal from the original wheelset. The cassette in the ph

Bianchi Pista Speciale Concept?

The Pista in progress. This was before the Cranksgiving ride last week. I did install a front brake, cx lever and a 39t chainring. That's a fork off an old Boron XL. I probably won't keep it on as riding wheels can't be good for the lifespan of the fork. A tall bike for a tall guy--6' 5" in fact. I like the geometry of the bike but would really like the Pista Concept geometry with a steel 521 tubeset, lugged with chopped risers...hmm. Let's work on that, please! ------------------------------------------------- s.b.

Cranksgiving York 2008

There was a storm that rolled in the day before covering the area with a skim of snow and/or ice depending on your location. Friday I was down in Blacksburg, VA working and had a long haul home that evening. I didn't encounter any black ice until getting off RT 283 in Lancaster...Saturday would be interesting conditions for the second annual Cranksgiving York, benefiting the York Food Bank. MORNING: I met Josh at his house and immediately threw on a 39t chainring on the Pista. It was definitly a platform pedal day too. We walked our bikes to the edge of the road of his housing complex, sliding downhill in some spots. A 20min ride to the starting spot of the event got the blood flowing and some body heat generating. Again, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. I can honestly say riding platforms was a good call, not just for the ice on the roads but also warmth. Even with winter booties over my road shoes, my feet are good for about 90 minutes at sub 25 deg F. I wor

Fall riding. Cranksgiving York 2008. Shop Gentei

So far so good on the '09 Bianchi SOK SRAM. The traction that bike has is unbeliveable and now that I'm used to the center of balance on the 29 inch wheels, slow speed cornering is getting somewhat better now. I'm surprised that I've been able to ride it a bit on the Moto side of things. Which is contrary to the handling of most big wheeled bikes, slow, cumbersome. Most of them are the first 3 rides on them, then after that your body adapts to the dynamics of the new frame geometry and you become 'one with the bike' so to speak. The true test is 2 tasks at Rocky Ridge. One- pedaling up the wall on trail 3 and pedaling up out of the bottom of Trail 8. The wall was cleaned easily in my middle ring. I used to fight to keep the front wheel down on steep climbs like The Wall. This time it was wasy easier with the larger wheels. Trail 8-I dabbed in two sections that were super knarly so that didn't upset me. The rock gardens are now a tad smaller with the better

Lake Redman trail scouting

Sunday I took sometime to attend a meeting with the local bike club and the Land Manager for the York County Parks. The park has been logged out over the past few years and the trail network is in need of redeveloping. While local riders and people have been grumbling about the change of landscape down there, I am constantly reminding them that this is a perfect opportunity to create some new, fresh and progressive trails. This is the newly created overlook (not an overlook on purpose but soon to be redirected trail) where just forward of the fall line in the bottom of the picture, may be the start of a new trail. As long as the planners in the corpo office like it, there could be a section that connects here, down to the bottom of Trail 1 via 3 or so switchbacks. Following the meeting, we departed for a ride led by Skip. As usual it was chocked full of climbing when he leads the pack. Despite the gray and gloomy skies, I had a blast riding newly re-routed trails at Redman. I used t