Tour de Pink 2008 Day 3/ Trenton, NJ to Clinton, NJ

The final day of sizeable miles, 47 miles to be exact.

The morning in Trenton, NJ. I'm posing for a photo with Tour de France cyclist and former teammate of the Postal Team, Frankie Andreu. His is much taller in person than I expected..6'1" or close. That sh#!_eating_grin of his is actually chocolate bar stuffed into his mouth. Thanks Frankie for your generosity along the routes!

Riders are gathered outside the Marriot waiting for the send off and a police escort.

Rolling along the lovely streets of Trenton, NJ...smell that sarcasm?

Like most old cities, Trenton has nice architecture; as you can see with my sp on the bike.

Heading to Clinton, NJ. We traveled some really nice farm roads out of the way from the busy traffic. Sort of reminded me of Lancaster, Pa. There was a meandering stream along this stretch of pavement. Combined with the low temps made for a damp road surface with mild leaf coverage. No brake jacking!

Here is a short video clip on one of the back roads with a Hershey Employee that was along on the ride this year.

Matt and Eldon waiting to roll out from the rest stop at Ken's Auto roughly 33 miles into the ride. Eldon waited for Grant while Matt and I rolled on together.

Noel leads her group on towards Deer Path Park for the final bbq with all the cyclists and volunteers.

Eldon helped Grant along the way. Those Oaklahomans need to stick together. Grant was rocking a 2006 Giro and the flu. Not good. Eldon was nice enough to give him a push up the hills. At one point I was pushing Eldon while he pushed Grant. Brotherhood on Bianchis! (Eldon has a Bianchi Cross Concept cyclocross bike too!)

Deer Path Park. The food was awesome, burgers, beer, dogs, cookies, potatoe salad. Yum-eh!

Chow time. Riders dig in to open pit bbq. I was so happy to have a hamburger (never thought I'd say that!) from 4 days of pasta, salad and chicken. Don't get me wrong the food was terrific throughout the whole journey but come the end of the road, I was hankering for a cow on a bun.

Rich from Giant's Demo Program and Lisa Frank. Rich is a pretty cool cat for helping all the cyclists get on demo bikes, build bikes, fix bikes, he pulled his weight along the route no problem; along with Knapp's Cyclery.

Cinco relaxing on the bus ride to NYC for our final ceremonial day on Monday. Entertainment courtesy of the Apple iPhone.

The final day of riding was very pleasant and uneventful. The route we pedaled Day 3 made it a Red Letter Day. And the food was the icing on the cake.

We loaded our gear onto the trucks and headed into the city for Day 4.



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