Tour de Pink 2008 Day 2/ King of Prussia to Trenton, NJ

Day 2 in King of Prussia was a chilly one indeed. This morning I opt'd to wear the Bianchi Tri-Color Kit and finish things off again with arm and knee warmers. I have been wearing a short sleeve base layer as well. This is just enough to make me cold at the start but warm up nicely should I have to chase someone down.

The organization of this event is beyond what I have experienced at any cycling charity ride. Good job G4 and to all the volunteers.

#55 please report to the starting line. I can't drive...Bad humor, I know but on a ride like this, you can't be uptight or you'll get torn to shreds by all the crazy bikers!

Lisa Frank. This woman never stops smiling, has nothing bad to say about anyone, and it the shortest person I've hugged in a long time; next to my kids! ;-)

Day 2 sunrise. The air temp was around 48 deg f.

Bicycle-Bianchi-Will sees his own shadow! That means 87 more miles of riding before the day is done.

Lisa made a comment after I took this photo that was along the lines of questioning whether she looks fab or not?! Always Lisa!

Rest stop number 1. Food, massage, fluids and me doing a 2 minute track stand to pass the time and amuse riders.

Cows can't pedal. But they can look cute just staring at you when you whiz by them.

Virginia was riding stronger this TdP along with LF.

SP as I roll through traffic. One hand is enough to be safe on the roads right?

My point of view for the duration of the Tour de Pink. As you can tell there isn't a reading on the heart rate monitor. That's because I was so cold riding at the 12 mph social pace of the day I couldn't get the engine to heat up. The only time I was able to get a reading was 5 miles from the finish. Matt Purdue and I decided to drop the hammer to the bridge. During that pull I hit the Mode button on the watch and 172 bpm popped up on the screen. Good, I do have a pulse. Matt and held 24mph with a headwind, for 3 minutes along the river, a well deserved interval my friend!

Mitchell Fink crossing the bridge at Lake Nockamixon. The lunch stop was on top of a hill, how sick was that?!

Another Lisa smiling for the camera. I love the ride along the river. A beautiful landscape, nice motor pace with Lisa Frank and the crew along the town of Yardley, Pa. Oh and if you are in Yardley and need a Bianchi, go see Mike at Firehouse Cycles. He'll take care of you.

Lisa Frank relieved to start the journey across the bridge to Trenton, NJ.

Cyclists must walk their bicycle across the bridge.

Matt, Lisa Frank, Noel, Lisa and her trainer on the bridge to NJ.

(l-r) Matt, Lisa Frank, Noel, Virginia, Lisa and Me. At last, in Trenton, NJ. Just a few more blocks and the ride is over for Day 2.

A long day deserves a tall beer. A pint of Blue Moon with a slice of orange. Matt was reluctant to have the orange in the beer but Lisa obviously knew what she was talking about as he love it and had another. Thanks for the bevies Lisa!

That Day 2 in a nut shell. I rode mostly with Virginia, LFrank and company. Cinco unfortunately laid the bike over when a leading cyclist jacked on the brakes and a pile up occurred. Bike dented, shoulder dislocated, helmet trashed, ugh!

My family showed up unexpected too. I was so glad to see them at the finish line in Trenton. I think my kids have grown another inch since I was last home.



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