Interbike 2008

Ah, time for another Tour de Pink. But before I move onto that, I need to get caught up on posting some pix from Interbike 2008. Here we go...

I rarely smile when tired even though this pix was taken at 10 am. I flew from BWI to Denver, Denver the Vegas. Fly into Denver is rough, real rough. I was hanging with Bob Roll last Sunday the 28th at a disease ride and he concurred that the children on his flight always scream when landing in Colorado.

Just to help the time pass by enjoyably. Mr. Baileys and a roasted bean.

Monday day one, The Outdoor Demo. I was on a mission to ride some other company's road bikes. I did and can honestly say I still love my T-Cube.

The demo was huge. Bikes for uphill, downhill, road and cyclocross. I strolled over to pay the famous Tim Jackson a visit. With a hearty hand shake, it was great to see him in person after all that he has been through this year; since his accident. Old friend...

Here is a view from the start of the road bike test course. Hot and in the mid-90's, Dry and not having to worry a bit about my allergies, just nose bleeds from the dryness.

The SRAM tent had loads of goodies from the road sector to test out. With their acquisition of ZIPP, they have some nice deep dish hoops on display. I talked with Ed from SRAM for a minute about the new Double Tab Flat Bar shifter. It's very nice, quick and easy to operate...if you're familiar with the road groups by them. Hmmm, Bianchi Camaleonte with Double Tap? Good thought.

Regional Sales Manager and my roommate for the week, Brent Cohrs. He and I had a blast at RAGBRAI this summer, getting the midwest on the Bianchi C2C Via Narones for the week.

Bianchi Booth construction. Jonathan and I were all elbows and arses getting the booth arranged according to our smaller floor plan this year.

The finished product, game time!

Evening entertainment at Crossvegas. Kabush is a machine along with Trebon who went on to win the event. Victory for Kona!

Lance Armstrong showed up for the night to kick up some grass and stares from the crowd. He's on a mission to get the word around more through the race circuit, on behalf of support for the Livestrong organization. He finished a respectable 22nd with one crash during the middle of the race.

Leroy (gray shirt) and Josh (gray hat) catching up on old times.

Leroy and myself charging through the casino in search for a restaurant that is still open at 10:30pm. Finally found one.

This being my first Interbike as an exhibitor was unreal. It's intense getting everyone's reaction to the new line up for next year. Steel is back for us finally, affordable carbon road bikes are growing along with the passion for celeste paint nationally.

Another highlight was visiting all my reps from the retail days and the companies that offered me position as a rep (that I kindly declined), high fives from all!

Time to go pack for the Tour de Pink, Cinco will be here in an hour to pick me up.

Be well!



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