2009 Bianchi SOK SRAM

Time to put a new steed in the stable. Last Friday FedEx dropped off a new Bianchi SOK SRAM 21in for testing and molesting.

For the past 3 years I've been riding 6in trail bikes on the local trails. These bike choices are due in part to boredom of local mountain biking. The local trail network has been under reconstruction, mostly Lake Redman, but none the less I've needed some variety over the last 17 year of mtb-ing.

7/8th of the past 4 years I've bee riding road. Mostly out of convenience, but perhaps laziness for not wanting to pack up the Subaru, drive 40 minutes roundtrip, ride 3 hours...hmmm. With my access to long travel bikes now gone(no longer running a bike shop and now a rep)I've turned to the bike platform that fits guys like myself...6'4" tall...better than no other...the 2-9r.

Bianchi's new SOK 2-9r is now going on its second year under this name but this is Bianchis 3rd year with a 2-9r in it's line up. I'll submit a trail review next month.

This front end has a lot going on. 2009 revalved Reba 29 fork with oem PopLoc remote lockout.

On the rear I installed a Token TK9571 saddle that was on my T-Cube. The T-Cube now has the Token TK954U which is way more comfortable. Then again on a mountain bike your moving around and out of the saddle more than on a road bike so the margin of comfort can be decreased more than a road bike can. Removing the WTB V saddle dropped a pound from the bike too. Over the winter I plan on building up a set of race wheels for the spring of 2009 season where another 2 lbs should easily be shaved from the bike by then. I'm shooting for about 26 lbs when I'm done. Now with one cage and pedals we're looking at 28.4lbs for the bike. Why the weight concern? Well, a light bike can make a slow man feel faster!

I added a Token Carbon Internal headset TK011C. This headset is used on their Corsa road frames. 44mm Cane Creek style headset. Shave a couple of grams over the stock aluminum FSA.

Excuse the poor garage lighting and the photo taken with my iPhone, the groupo is SRAM X9/X0 with Juicy Sevens. A little carbon stink goes a long way on a mountain bike.

More to come!



Yeti said…
sweet bro! Keep us up to date through the season of how you like it!
Unknown said…
i'm interested as well, mtbr has nothing but great reviews for this bike

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