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Podcast appearance, Thanks Two Johns!

Thanks to John K of the Two Johns Podcast for allowing me sit in and chat about Bianchi Bicycles. I have to admit I was a tad nervous as I've never been on a podcast before nor had a clue if I'd dork-out or bike geek-out. No worries, I had fun, a lot of fun and love the Two Johns Podcast. Check it out! -------------------------------------------------- s.b.

New car.

The Subie was put out to pasture last Saturday. I needed a bit more cargo capacity but didn't want a Minivan nor poor fuel economy. Honda Element SC. Today I did a round of dealer visits in my home state/eastern portion. It's comfortable for my 6'4.5" frame, can easily fit two large bike frame bike boxes in the rear with the seats folded up. It handles like a go kart, the springs sit the vehicle 3/4" lower than the stock Element EX and has 18" rims. It's a firm ride but I like that better than driving a wallowing buffalo. -------------------------------------------------- s.b.

Fed Ex sucks!

This sounds like an immature title for a posting, but I've had it up to here (pointing to my skull) with the gorillas at the hub that handle the bikes that get shipped to my East Coast dealers. This is the result of what looks like a door of some great size that was slammed down upon a bike box...CRUNCH goes the carbon fiber! Give me a friggin' break guys! Senseless violence against a bike and its box. None the less, this one isn't ride-able and needs replaced. -------------------------------------------------- s.b.

Out with the old, in with the new.

With the arrival of the new 29r last week, I posted my 1999 Voodoo Bokor on the evil eBay. She sold and is going to a new home in Texas, thanks James, take good care of her! This bike had it's maiden voyage in the summer of 1999 at the 24hrs of Snowshoe. The bike was spec'd with full XT, Marzocchi MXR fork, Mavic 517 hoops, Avid Single Digit Ti brakes and for a 21in build, tipped in at 25lbs. Not too shabby for back in the day. The bike steered like a crit bike, climbed like a goat and descended as fast as you cahones' would allow you. The geometry was strictly of Joe Murray who also worked with Kona Bicycles in his day and was a part of the skunkworks crew for Shimano. This BB is about an inch higher than comparable frames that Joe did with Kona like the Kula Supremes. The extra inch was useful for East Coast rock clearance and log hopping. I'll miss her but only a tad less now that the SOK is in the garage. -------------------------------------------------- s.

2009 Bianchi SOK SRAM

Time to put a new steed in the stable. Last Friday FedEx dropped off a new Bianchi SOK SRAM 21in for testing and molesting. For the past 3 years I've been riding 6in trail bikes on the local trails. These bike choices are due in part to boredom of local mountain biking. The local trail network has been under reconstruction, mostly Lake Redman, but none the less I've needed some variety over the last 17 year of mtb-ing. 7/8th of the past 4 years I've bee riding road. Mostly out of convenience, but perhaps laziness for not wanting to pack up the Subaru, drive 40 minutes roundtrip, ride 3 hours...hmmm. With my access to long travel bikes now gone(no longer running a bike shop and now a rep)I've turned to the bike platform that fits guys like myself...6'4" tall...better than no other...the 2-9r. Bianchi's new SOK 2-9r is now going on its second year under this name but this is Bianchis 3rd year with a 2-9r in it's line up. I'll submit a trail review

Tour de Pink 2008 Day 4/ Fox & Friends morning show - brunch

The last day of the Tour de Pink was pretty simple. Assemble in the lobby into our designated groups. I was a group leader as well as Cinco. We needed to leave in 30 second intervals as to not congest the NYC streets...aka Critical Mass. A hefty fine would be impacted upon us if we violated this rule. Anxious to get rolling, the departing groups form. On the sidewalk on 54th Street. Monday morning and not a very busy street for NYC. Sitting at the traffic light waiting for the green. The lanyard around my neck was hooked to the digital camera. This long tether allowed me to keep the camera in my jersey pocket while riding and not drop it should things get dicey on the bike. On the sidewalk to the Fox & Friends show, we enjoyed bagels, coffee and bottles of orange juice. NYC is cold this time of the year in the morning, concrete and steel do not lend themselves to holding in any levels of warmth. The cyclists rolled in group by group and then the interviews began between the survi

Tour de Pink reader love!

Whoa! Thanks to everyone that's been reading the Stickboycircusbike blog this month. The site logged 690 hits in the first 8 days of October; mostly people interested in the 2008 Tour de Pink. Thursday I'll post the final day of the 2008 Tour de Pink. ------------------------------------------------ s.b.

Tour de Pink 2008 Day 3/ Trenton, NJ to Clinton, NJ

The final day of sizeable miles, 47 miles to be exact. The morning in Trenton, NJ. I'm posing for a photo with Tour de France cyclist and former teammate of the Postal Team, Frankie Andreu. His is much taller in person than I expected..6'1" or close. That sh#!_eating_grin of his is actually chocolate bar stuffed into his mouth. Thanks Frankie for your generosity along the routes! Riders are gathered outside the Marriot waiting for the send off and a police escort. Rolling along the lovely streets of Trenton, NJ... smell that sarcasm? Like most old cities, Trenton has nice architecture; as you can see with my sp on the bike. Heading to Clinton, NJ. We traveled some really nice farm roads out of the way from the busy traffic. Sort of reminded me of Lancaster, Pa. There was a meandering stream along this stretch of pavement. Combined with the low temps made for a damp road surface with mild leaf coverage. No brake jacking! Here is a short video clip on one

Tour de Pink 2008 Day 2/ King of Prussia to Trenton, NJ

Day 2 in King of Prussia was a chilly one indeed. This morning I opt'd to wear the Bianchi Tri-Color Kit and finish things off again with arm and knee warmers. I have been wearing a short sleeve base layer as well. This is just enough to make me cold at the start but warm up nicely should I have to chase someone down. The organization of this event is beyond what I have experienced at any cycling charity ride. Good job G4 and to all the volunteers. #55 please report to the starting line. I can't drive... Bad humor, I know but on a ride like this, you can't be uptight or you'll get torn to shreds by all the crazy bikers! Lisa Frank. This woman never stops smiling, has nothing bad to say about anyone, and it the shortest person I've hugged in a long time; next to my kids! ;-) Day 2 sunrise. The air temp was around 48 deg f. Bicycle-Bianchi-Will sees his own shadow! That means 87 more miles of riding before the day is done. Lisa made a comment after I

Tour de Pink 2008 Day 1/ Hershey to King of Prussia, Pa

The evening before, we gathered at Hershey's Chocolate World for a dinner and announcements to kick off the week's event. The attendance this year is up to 150 cyclist including 50 Hershey Foods employees. Along with the dedicated riders is returning breast cancer supporter Mari Holden of Giant Bicycles and Tour de France and all around arse kicker on the bike, Frank Andreu. My partner in crime and roommate for the week, Tim Fives, Cinco as we call him back home. We are doing the TdP for the third year. The cause is infectous as well as the supporters and riders we commune with for the 4 day trek to NYC from Hershey. My ride of choice for the week. 2008 Bianchi 928 T-Cube Chorus. I added the Token C50 hoops for a bit of assistance on the flats and climbs. 16lbs for a 63cm bike isn't too bad. I light bike can make a slow man feel fast...I need it! Me, Cinco and D hanging out with smiles before we start our 84 Mile journey to King of Prussia. Opening ceremonies. H