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Leaving Las Vegas!

I'm on my way home from Interbike and currently sitting in Charlotte International Airport. I've been traveling now since 7:30pm west coast time; Friday evening. The flight out of Vegas was fine. I had to fly into San Francisco International as one of my connecting flights. That airport is HUGE! It took me 35min to walk or should I say 'find' my gate. The airport has a confusion layout for first timers not to mention that my arrival was at Gate 78 and I needed to get to Gate 26. I could have used a skateboard. I'll post some photos from Interbike soon with captions to boot. Right now I need some serious sleep...I miss the kids and my wife deeply. ------------------------------------------------- s.b.

Thoughts from the road.

It's been a tough 2 months. I am finally getting some miles on the T-Cube after a two month drought of riding. As I was out rolling along this morning some thoughts accumulated in my brain. The thoughts were mostly instigated by the garbage along the road; here are a few ideas that by no means are trying to come off with an elitist attitude towards those who don't exercise or consume some levels of proper nutrition but I digress. 1.) Fast food trash being thrown out the window. Garbage along the road. -Any stretch of back road, the gutter at the traffic lights, the hillside along the end of the exit ramp of a major highway. Trash accumulates. Most of this waste is comprised of empty containers; 16oz soda bottles, ice tea containers, fast food bags and wrappers. Cigarette butts. If the perpetrators of trash packed a lunch, went grocery shopping and cooked a dinner for their family to enjoy, there would be less fast food trash out the window. 2.) Destroy what you enjoy. -I d

24 hours of 7 Springs 2008

Painfully I couldn't make it to wrench for my boys this year. They did pull off another victory in the Sport Class on August 31st, pinning 20 laps like they got paid to ride! Good job guys! l-r: Hank Buckingham, Matt Gross, Blake Chilson(mech), Jason Gross, Josh Clingan. photo: MJClingan--thanks! -------------------------------------------------- s.b.

2009 Bianchi Mono-Q 105

I have a new whip in the garage. 61cm Bianchi Mono-Q. Yea its only 105 but that way it will be easier to sell next year. Anyway. I got 3 hours of riding on it last Saturday with Cinco. Blue bird skies, in the 80s, felt like San Diego weather. Built up stock out of the box.... 18.29lbs for a 61cm. This frame is roughly 40grams heavier than the big brother T-Cube. They share the same geometry and one grade of carbon fiber, IM600 fiber. Monocoque construction, FULL carbon fork and if you build this with D/A or Force you'd be looking at a sub-17 lbs bike in this size. The bottom bracket is well oversized and provides plenty of stiffness for a $2599.00 rig. Not as stiff as the T-Cube but definitely stiffer than other brands that I have ridden in this price range. The chainstays have some beef to them which provide adequate stiffness and good acceleration. More later as Interbike approaches. -------------------------------------------------- s.b.

On the Rivet Cambridge Maryland

Filler posting. It's been awhile, long while. Cross bikes are a no go for Interbike Outdoor Demo but the Mono-Qs are still on. -------------------------------------------------- I also added a Pandora link to my music Hit List. Lupe Fiasco is flowing as I type this up. ... coast ... -------------------------------------------------- Bianchi 80s love from On the Rivet in Cambridge, MD. See Bob if you want to buy a restored to period Bianchi or need one restored. The guy does amazing work! Campy stamps the year on the bits, Bob gets it all together for a fee that is well worth it. Another find from the mind of Bob Beletsky. He will also do a custom leather seat bag. Check him out at On the Rivet in Cambridge, MD . -------------------------------------------------- s.b.