Life and family fun.

Congrats to Cinco for baby number 2! A healthy baby 2.5? Ha!

This past weekend, the family and I went camping at French Creek State Park. I love this place. The Forest is part of the DCNR and the local trails there are maintained by the Army Core of Engineers. So naturally I packed the essentials, family, gear, mountain bike.

Post breakfast campfire and relaxing. That tent has been the best money spent on gear. There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. We had rain both nights but stayed dry inside of the Marmont Halo 6. It holds me, my 2 kids and wife plus all our gear. I can stand up inside and not have my 6'5" frame touch the ceiling, nice!

Rear tire shot. The trees surrounding the sites are thick enough to provide some privacy and canopy from light rain. Saturday morning after breakfast I broke out the Voodoo for some trail exploring.

I haven't ridden the Voodoo that much in the past 3 years. In fact I can count on one had the number of times in those year. I have been lucky to ride a Slayer 50 and Kona CoilAir during that span. Those bikes are so technology-laden that getting back on my Voodoo Bokor was like going back in time. Riding retro or something. Hardtail with v's and 100mm fork. The harsh ride was long forgotten by my enthusiasm of first few miles. Like an old friend. Even the 9 year old WTB Velociraptors still hooked up and weren't dry rotten. For the 21 in bike, it weighs in at 25lbs. Full XT kit and Marzocchi MXR coil fork.

Supplies/gear for the ride. Dakine Drafter hydro pack and Fox Flux helmet. I love this helmet. The fit is sublime and the huge venting allow for max cooling.

Hopefully we can put together a ride/camping weekend with the riding crew next month.


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