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2008 Interbike Outdoor Demo

This is sad... click . My best wishes for recovery goes out to the injured cyclists and I hope that doctor gets what he deserves! ------------------------------------------------ Interbike Outdoor Demo here I come! We're rolling in with the Mono-Q at the 2008 Outdoor Demo at Interbike. There will be a cyclocross test course this year too, hope we can bring some bikes for that too. ------------------------------------------------ s.b.

2009 Bianchi Mono-Q Ultegra SL

Any major bike brand will confess that the steadily growing road bike segment (aside from commuting bikes b/c of the increase of gas prices) are the sub 3k road bikes. Mostly the carbon models. Bikes that cost 3k vs 5k in some cases have a noticeable performance difference but in the consumer's eyes... but is that 10% increase in perceved gain worth the 2k dollar price jump? In most cases no. The point goes to the lesser priced model. Enter the 2009 Bianchi Mono-Q. A new price slot is being filled in Bianchis B4P line up. This is the 'affordable' T-Cube. Think-geometry of the T-Cube (minus tube to tube technology) with a monocoque frame construction. I like to think of it as a morphed Giro from back in the day. The Giro was one of my favorite bang for the buck race rigs. The parts spec of the Mono-Q will be available with Campy Chorus, Veloce, Shimano Ult SL (Compact crank, standard crank, and triple), 105(Compact and standard). No SRAM will be available at this time. T

Life and family fun.

Congrats to Cinco for baby number 2! A healthy baby 2.5? Ha! ------------------------------------------------ This past weekend, the family and I went camping at French Creek State Park. I love this place. The Forest is part of the DCNR and the local trails there are maintained by the Army Core of Engineers. So naturally I packed the essentials, family, gear, mountain bike. Post breakfast campfire and relaxing. That tent has been the best money spent on gear. There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. We had rain both nights but stayed dry inside of the Marmont Halo 6. It holds me, my 2 kids and wife plus all our gear. I can stand up inside and not have my 6'5" frame touch the ceiling, nice! Rear tire shot. The trees surrounding the sites are thick enough to provide some privacy and canopy from light rain. Saturday morning after breakfast I broke out the Voodoo for some trail exploring. I haven't ridden the Voodoo that much in the past 3 years. In fac