On the road in Virginia, again.

I have been driving my arse off. Mostly trying to salvage what's in my territory. Not that's in shambles but slight neglect would be the term to describe things from the past. Virgina needs a lot of TLC and I don't mean The Learning Channel!

One of my oldest dealers just moved into a new retail location. His old store was below a street and out of sight of traffic and passer-bys. The new location is in a strip plaza with 180deg of store window viewing pleasure. This is a huge step for his business which should yield increased foot traffic and hopefully more sales, he deserves it!

I have 4 more dealers to hit tomorrow. It's 1227 in the am.and I am doing the usual dealer prep; writing data into their catalogs because I'm goofy like that.
This evening was best spent with my laptop streaming Sirius, Sharpie in hand and my T-Cube wondering when in the heck it's going to see some action...not in the hotel that is!


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