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Bike Porn posting

Time for some excitement. Here is a sneak peak for the 2009 line up. Click the pix for a larger view. The scandium/carbon frame has been deleted in favor for a full carbon frame. Two parts specs will be born from this. A Shimano 105/Ultegra SL rear and the other being an Ultegra with a D/A rear derail. Monoque frame construction, Avid brakes, Mavic hoops, FSA crank. Retail on the units will be pretty on par with the market and the slight price increase that the brands are seeing Nationwide. And 5 frames sizes too. Coming to a shop near you the end of August, just in time to hop some barriers... This is a bike that dealers have been begging for forever. Or, at least since Bianchi took a slight break from the steel road market. There will hopefully be a running change on the bar tape to match the saddle but here it goes for now. The Dolomiti. Columbus Spirit tubing, traditional geometry, chrome lugs, Look Keos, full Campy Veloce and Made In Italy! For a tick under 3gs. Bam! So run out to

RAGBRAI 2009 and beer pt2.

Here is the beer, yummy. Thanks Russ! (missed the pix on the last post) Tall, smooth, wheat-y, with a slight finish of Clove on the pallet. ---------------------------------- I was flown out for work to Iowa July 18th. RAGBRAI. This ride has been rolling across Iowa for more than 3 decades. My boss and I had an agenda at hand...get the daily cyclists on Bianchis for a test of what else is out there other than the typical brands that are forced down their throat. Riders could take a bike out for the day to test it out on the crappy roads of Iowa. My manager and I were to alternate days riding the course and working the demo tent. The flight was pretty uneventful aside from paying $225.00 for 4 checked bags, ouch! The one check bagged included my T-Cube. The other bags where riding gear, work clothes, tent/supplies for the week and bike tools. Oh well. The following photos are totally random with no direction or intentions of capturing what RAGBRAI is all about. This vehicle was parked o

Bikes and beer.

I really need to post more often. I have been accumulating events in my head and photos on my laptop but that's where things have been ending. So, here is a bit of catching up. Last Sunday Cinco and I did the famed Around the River Ride. We started in York at his house and road to the east shore to get things started. The weather was cooperative for most of the ride. This was the first time for me, doing this ride without compact gearing, no whining! I forget how steep the hills were 2 hours into the ride. At times I felt my front wheel lightening up from the steepness of the grade and my super tall arse stepping on the pedals. I love the combination of terrain and length of the entire ride. By the end of the ride we logged about 7500' vert climbing. Felt good. -------------------------------------------------- The week before that ride, Cinco and I did a hill day for him. We stayed pretty local on the road but motored up and down selected hills that Cinco likes to use to get

On the road in Virginia, again.

I have been driving my arse off. Mostly trying to salvage what's in my territory. Not that's in shambles but slight neglect would be the term to describe things from the past. Virgina needs a lot of TLC and I don't mean The Learning Channel! One of my oldest dealers just moved into a new retail location. His old store was below a street and out of sight of traffic and passer-bys. The new location is in a strip plaza with 180deg of store window viewing pleasure. This is a huge step for his business which should yield increased foot traffic and hopefully more sales, he deserves it! I have 4 more dealers to hit tomorrow. It's 1227 in the am.and I am doing the usual dealer prep; writing data into their catalogs because I'm goofy like that. This evening was best spent with my laptop streaming Sirius, Sharpie in hand and my T-Cube wondering when in the heck it's going to see some action...not in the hotel that is! ---------------------------------- s.b.