Can't we all 'git along'?

In conjunction with Sunday's Indian Rock Dam ride and the knucklehead in the green Dodge Caravan that felt it was necessary to bark, 'Git off the road' as he traveled the opposite direction of us...It's great to see examples like this.

Most of the under educated, unhealthy, over worked and hate my s!#tty life blue collar workers that reside in York County might change their tune after reading the above link. With their 'We Support Our Troops' stickers on their mass people movers, said individuals might see cyclists in a different light.

The loaded questions for this morning is also, would they yell at their kids if they were riding on the shoulder of the road? Would they yell at their neighbor's kids if they were on the shoulder of the road cycling? Would they not care and yell anyway just as the family dog would bark out the window at passing joggers and cyclists? DON'T BE A MUTT!


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