Bianchi steel is freaky and fine. As you can see my bottle of Chiante is empty...

If I look hard enough, I'll run into a Classico Bianchi in my territory. Here are a couple of mentionable bikes.

This fine steel lugged Giro was hanging in a Trek Dealer's foyer. What a nice way to great the customers when entering the store, eh? Campy downtube shifters of course.

Another shot of the Giro. I think the price tag on the rig was $650.00.

This is an anniversary edition Bianchi I found at another dealer the same day. This photo is a small portion of what this shop had to offer, no retail visibility. Nice guys that work there but forget flying a paper airplane from one end of the store to the other.

This is Bianchi's 100 year anniversary steel sex machine. Campy Record branded with Bianchis brand logo on the drivetrain for extra lust. I was impressed this guy still had the stock pump on the bike too.

Last weekend was the Philly Pro Tour. I parked my arse on the top of Manayunk to witness the struggle, fight, and pain for the racers. This was my first time at the Philly race. That weekend I am usually camping in Wellsboro, Pa for the Susquehanna Pro Rally. I didn't attend the rally race this year. My duties went south to the eastern shore for the Eagleman Tri. I was helping at an expo tent for one of my dealers from the area. But that's another story.

81 of the 190 racers finished. As my old friend Dave would say, 'It's hotter than 2 rats f^!@in' in a sock!'. The temps sored in the 90s. CSC won. I was fatigued from the weekend of a bad diet, heat and driving up that morning from Cambridge, MD. I watched 4 laps and started my 2 mile walk back to my car. Thanks to Barry of Monstr Health Care/Token for keeping me company for a short while on top of The Wall.


What is the name of the dealer that had the Bianchi Centenario? I'm looking to buy one and am having a hard time finding any.
stickboybike said…
The shop is College Park Bikes in Maryland.

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