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State of the Union.

No matter how much I acknowledge the fact that I need to pack for my trip the day before and get a reasonable amount of sleep, I fall short on achieving said task. Saturday night was spent dotting eyes and crossing tees for my first National Sales Meeting in Cali. This meeting would introduce me to my new world as a sales rep for the oldest bicycle company in North America. I would also review the 2009 line of bicycles, discuss changes that should be made to the line, sneak in a ride and formulate an agenda for increasing sales in 2009. Back to the departure of said trip. Time flew by put-zing around and before I knew it I still needed to throw a fresh shave on my legs, arms and head. Ugh! There really is no quick way to shave 40 inches worth of legs. Maybe I should ask Gabriel Reese how she does it? Anyway. Shave, pack, hit the pillow at 12:30am with the alarm set for...3:00am. Hmm sounds like a quick nap to me. Here is what 2 hours of sleep looks like. Not pretty by any means. On a w

Bianchi steel is freaky and fine. As you can see my bottle of Chiante is empty...

If I look hard enough, I'll run into a Classico Bianchi in my territory. Here are a couple of mentionable bikes. This fine steel lugged Giro was hanging in a Trek Dealer's foyer. What a nice way to great the customers when entering the store, eh? Campy downtube shifters of course. Another shot of the Giro. I think the price tag on the rig was $650.00. This is an anniversary edition Bianchi I found at another dealer the same day. This photo is a small portion of what this shop had to offer, no retail visibility. Nice guys that work there but forget flying a paper airplane from one end of the store to the other. This is Bianchi's 100 year anniversary steel sex machine. Campy Record branded with Bianchis brand logo on the drivetrain for extra lust. I was impressed this guy still had the stock pump on the bike too. Last weekend was the Philly Pro Tour . I parked my arse on the top of Manayunk to witness the struggle, fight, and pain for the racers. This was my first time at the

T-Cube accessory upgrade.

I added a bit of color to the T-Cube. Since I don't have the Barloworld frame I decided to have some hits of red on the bike. The tape is from Token Products as well as the saddle. The saddle weighs in at 160 grams according to my scale. Not too bad for a padded saddle. The stock San Marco Aspide was painful indeed. The Shimano Dura Ace and SRAM Force equipped T-Cube comes stock with the Fizik Arione which has been a favorite of mine over the years. This saddle is nice and comes in a variety of colors, red, white, black, silver, and blue. In my experience, the tape is really similar to the Deda carbon. I did a Euro half wrap just to pimp the aero tops of the Deda Electa handlebar. I have one ride on the saddle so far and it's very comfortable. The bar tape is quality and the installation was straight forward. The tape stretched well when wrapping, has a nice hand to it and isn't too soft. The length of the two sections of tape is generous too. Not like Cinelli where you wra

...and the band played on, Ball of Confusion, that's what the world is today, hey hey!

So far so good on the road in Virgina/Maryland/DC. I swung through some of my accounts yesterday on the way to my destination of the Eastern Shore. I was leaving my visit around 3:30pm when the weather went bad really quick. I mean QUICK ! I was throwing my T-Cube into the back of the Subaru and the weather changed over to apocalyptic. Green skies, hard rain, winds blowing small children down the sidewalk...ok maybe not that bad but I was expecting to see Yul Brenner in a red robe with his arms out to the side or something. It turns out that a few miles from me a tornado had touched down and slapped a portion of the town around. The rain was filling up the streets rapidly, visibility at 30mph was almost impossible. All I can say is thank goodness for Subaru's all wheel drive. It makes the junk weather more tolerable at highway speeds. Route 50 heading to the shore was littered with cars that had spun off the road in the rain. A huge tree had fallen along the road wiping out a powe

Can't we all 'git along'?

In conjunction with Sunday's Indian Rock Dam ride and the knucklehead in the green Dodge Caravan that felt it was necessary to bark, 'Git off the road' as he traveled the opposite direction of us...It's great to see examples like this . Most of the under educated, unhealthy, over worked and hate my s!#tty life blue collar workers that reside in York County might change their tune after reading the above link. With their 'We Support Our Troops' stickers on their mass people movers, said individuals might see cyclists in a different light. The loaded questions for this morning is also, would they yell at their kids if they were riding on the shoulder of the road? Would they yell at their neighbor's kids if they were on the shoulder of the road cycling? Would they not care and yell anyway just as the family dog would bark out the window at passing joggers and cyclists? DON'T BE A MUTT! ---------------------------------- s.b.

My bike, your bike, their bike.

I had a good ride today out of Indian Rock Dam Elementary School. June 1st. Sunny, 81degF and near sunny skies. We rolled out closer to 0915 as I was there at 0905 so out of pity the group held up for me. This would be my first group ride with the potential to be 'on the rivet'. The Bianchi 928 T-Cube has been a stellar bike so far. Even in the down poor yesterday that Brent and I got caught in, it's still stable high speed in the rain. Lancaster's rain usually equates to a cow pissing on a flat rock. Or at least that's how bad it rained on us yesterday as we fled Millersville when the lightening was cracking. We had this rider with us today...Koci(cookie') from Columbia. He is in town doing some work for the local construction company and decided to join us for a ride. This guy was a PRIME example of 'it's the engine not the gear that makes the cyclist'. He was riding a mtb bike with slicks and spanking some of us or at least I was trying to shake