On the road and spreading bike love.

This is my big swing at the bike industry. An abbreviated Mid-Atlantic region has been entrusted to me by one of the oldest bicycle companies, Bianchi Bicycles. I landed a rep gig with them a few weeks ago in an attempt to escape my return to my old trade. 15 plus years of sales experience, 10 years bike shop experience and a whole lot of bike geek-dom has me rolling with the big celeste.

With travel day two under my belt now, my territory is a beautiful place. The DC/VA has a selection of cool shops. The population is heavy, cyclists everywhere riding for health, gas savings/transportation. I have two more days on the road with my Territory Manager...meeting the shops, getting my new face in front of them all. Love it!

Last night we did some sightseeing in DC. Checked out the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, snapped a photo out front of the White House. It's a white building but looks small in person.

My new bike should be here tomorrow. Let the games begin!



Anonymous said…
Congrats on the new job and you I know that you will be successful. Bianchi is lucky to have you on their team.

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