Get well Tim Jackson

I caught wind early this morning that the Masiguy, Tim Jackson had hid the wall hard during a race at the San Diego Velodrome. The details of the accident are ugly and the injuries that have been sustained by Jackson probably would have killed a pencil neck rider like myself.

This is my favorite picture of me and Jackson at Interbike 2006. Since the launch of the bike shop in which I have been managing since 2005, Masi Bicycles has been a huge staple of bike sales. Why, let explain with a few simple bullet points as to why Masi has been top dog in the shop. (note: road lines sold in the shop: Masi, Merckx, Pinarello, Bianchi none of the big 4 thank you!)

1- Eye appeal equals Buy appeal.
The Masi paint jobs and floor presence are beautiful. The parts spec is well rounded and in return is backed by great handling dynamics on the pavement.

2- Tim has done a hell of a job blogging and cultivating the Masi brand to where it is today. Communication is key today. And most people researching Masi Bicycles online come across Jackson where Tim has done a great job with his personal character development as a Brand Manager; he's likeable, down to earth, approachable, has aligned the brand and himself with add buttons, podcasts on Spokesman/Interbike vidcasts to boot.

3- Masi Bicycles are competitively priced...from a retailer perspective. The bikes are easy to get the shop guys on them and in return gets them out there on our group rides and social events. Exposure is key!

Thanks Tim and best of recovery!


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