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Bianchi T-Cube Chorus 63cm

She's a beaut, Clark. Or at least that's what my friend Hank said when he saw it. Carbon bike number two I'm trying out from Bianchi. Last year's 928L didn't leave a good taste in my mouth . Let's just say this bike after the first couple of rides has far exceeded my expectations of the replacement of the 928L. A couple of things to note with the new T-Cube (Ducati frame repainted basically). I can ride at 25mph sans hands and eat without feeling like the bike will throw me onto the shoulder of the lane. Cornering is much more precise and stable. Gone is the unsettled feeling and noodliness. Then again a small size like a 53 may have been more stable on last years model. And the bike is a quarter pound lighter, nice! 16.2lbs without pedals, cages, seat bag or electronics-all stock and no schlock. If you are over 180lbs, I would recommend the T-Cube over the 928SL. Think of it as an insurance policy per say. ---------------------------------- Other than that the

On the road and spreading bike love.

This is my big swing at the bike industry. An abbreviated Mid-Atlantic region has been entrusted to me by one of the oldest bicycle companies, Bianchi Bicycles. I landed a rep gig with them a few weeks ago in an attempt to escape my return to my old trade. 15 plus years of sales experience, 10 years bike shop experience and a whole lot of bike geek-dom has me rolling with the big celeste. With travel day two under my belt now, my territory is a beautiful place. The DC/VA has a selection of cool shops. The population is heavy, cyclists everywhere riding for health, gas savings/transportation. I have two more days on the road with my Territory Manager...meeting the shops, getting my new face in front of them all. Love it! Last night we did some sightseeing in DC. Checked out the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, snapped a photo out front of the White House. It's a white building but looks small in person. My new bike should be here tomorrow. Let the games begin! ----------------

Get well Tim Jackson

I caught wind early this morning that the Masiguy , Tim Jackson had hid the wall hard during a race at the San Diego Velodrome. The details of the accident are ugly and the injuries that have been sustained by Jackson probably would have killed a pencil neck rider like myself. This is my favorite picture of me and Jackson at Interbike 2006. Since the launch of the bike shop in which I have been managing since 2005, Masi Bicycles has been a huge staple of bike sales. Why, let explain with a few simple bullet points as to why Masi has been top dog in the shop. (note: road lines sold in the shop: Masi, Merckx, Pinarello, Bianchi none of the big 4 thank you!) 1- Eye appeal equals Buy appeal. The Masi paint jobs and floor presence are beautiful. The parts spec is well rounded and in return is backed by great handling dynamics on the pavement. 2- Tim has done a hell of a job blogging and cultivating the Masi brand to where it is today. Communication is key today. And most people researc