Token T50 wheel upgrade.

Russ dropped off a set of Token hoops for me to test out. I have been wrenching for 3 years around and on Token Cycling Products. They have branched out within the last 2 years with frames/fork sets that the Team guys have been racing with much success. Cockpit parts, wheel sets, frames/forks, accessories; they have it all covered.

Test bike:
-2005 Masi Gran Crit 60cm
-Wheel set Token T50 TBT bearing upgrade.
-Tires Continental Sprinter Tubular
The wheel set did come with a Campy freehub as shown in the photo below. The impressive thing about this freehub configuration is the 45mm diameter ratchet ring with 6 paw engagement. I swapped in the Shimano f/h last night and will temp fate today on the shop's first Monday Night Ride with Tubulars. Gulp, fingers crossed.
More later!


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