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Token T50 follow up.

This past Monday, April 14 marked the first Monday Night Ride of the season. These rides have been rolling for 3 years, since the bike gig was launched. For our first night out we collected 19 cyclists aging in ranges from 18 to 64; novice riders to CAT3/2/1 racers. It's a great mix of cyclists and fortunately everyone's attitude was positive and welcoming to the new cyclists. The weather was super chilly...temps hovering around high 40s as the sun was setting halfway into the ride. I opted for a short sleeve base layer, l/s mid layer and a long sleeve Giordana jersey with knee warmers. My low body fat lends me to chills very quickly when pedaling and with this being a social pace, it's hard to keep the fire burning hot. I took out the Token T50s for a test ride that evening. Riding tubulars on a social ride isn't the brightest move but dang it, I was itching to get some miles under them. The 50mm carbon profile looks deep. I got tons of comments on the new hoops and ma

Token T50 wheel upgrade.

Russ dropped off a set of Token hoops for me to test out. I have been wrenching for 3 years around and on Token Cycling Products. They have branched out within the last 2 years with frames/fork sets that the Team guys have been racing with much success. Cockpit parts, wheel sets, frames/forks, accessories; they have it all covered. Test bike: -2005 Masi Gran Crit 60cm -Wheel set Token T50 TBT bearing upgrade. -Tires Continental Sprinter Tubular The wheel set did come with a Campy freehub as shown in the photo below. The impressive thing about this freehub configuration is the 45mm diameter ratchet ring with 6 paw engagement. I swapped in the Shimano f/h last night and will temp fate today on the shop's first Monday Night Ride with Tubulars. Gulp, fingers crossed. More later! ---------------------------------- s.b.