Subaru Head Failure follow up.

So, the Subaru is back on the road after being at the garage for a few days. The heads started failing and leaking coolant internally and externally back in January. I have 158k on the odometer and with that many miles I am not all to upset having to get the work done. I can attribute the high mileage on the vehicle leading up to the repair, due in part to REGULAR maintenance of the vehicle. I religiously change the oil and filter every 5k-7k after getting the car used, with 78k on the odometer. Air pressure and tire rotation is critical too to prevent binding in the drive line and reduction of unwanted heat in the tranny/block/separator plate near the block and tranny location.

I also have the radiator flushed and filled every year along with the tranny and rear diff fluids; escpecially if you do the above shown picture in my car.

So basically have your Subaru or if you do the work yourself, keep up with the maintenance regularly. Your car will be loyal to you. I opted to not trade in the Subie and have the heads and valve cover gaskets replace. The local dealerships were going to give me up to $2500 trade in value but then that would give me monthly car payments. I love this Outback and it's been a beast and super useful.

The garage is Orbach's Automotive, Denver, Pa. The know their stuff.


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