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Stratton Demo 2008

I want to get things on the table first regarding this past 2008 Stratton Vt demo. I was way more excited this year to attend than last year. I was excited to be riding with the crew at Okemo for the first time. I was excited to have a board that was not of pitiful length to ride in Vermont. (Last year I took my short board that I ride at Ski Roundtop - elev. of 640ft. not wise to do at a resort with over double the elevation of Roundtop.) I was not excited to drive my car to Vt. While it was at the dealership for routine service 2 days before leaving, it was diagnosed with failing valve cover gaskets (knew that) and failing head gaskets (been waiting for that. More on the car repair as things unfold from the repair shop.) Joey was my co-pilot for Sunday; day one of the Vt Demo. He has been in the shop for a couple of years tuning and twin tipping. The goal was to get the Subaru to Vermont without puking all of my engine coolant onto the highway. 65mph and no faster. I grabbed a bottle