Getting dirty, rally racing.

The weather is getting crappy here and I am digging out some old photos of fair weather to keep the spirits high.
Not bike related but speed is good in any form. 2003 Susquehanna Trail Pro Rally. Higgins; back when he race for Mitsu. on the 12 Mile Stage near the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Yes we have one too! Night fall was creeping in and I was lucky to get this shot before all light was lost.
WRX at the same corner as above only 10 minutes later. The lights these guys run are enough to make small animals that my wander across their path, burst into flames!
Here is my attempt at Ansel Adams. The Pa Gran Canyon, West Rim view.
East Rim view. If you look closely to left of the water you'll see part of the Rail Trail that follow the Canyon floor. This rail trail sees a lot of travel. Just casual riding like any other rail trail.
Me being a tourist. The weather sucked that weekend. Rain and lots of it. It was our second year attending the STPR. The first year was sunny and hot in 2002. 2003-2006 it rained every race day. There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Tim and I had our gear up to snuff for the rain but it still puts an emotional damper on things as you can see by my expression here.

Mistu Evo at Asaph Run. This was ran as the first stage that weekend. The water levels at Stony Fork Creek were too high for stage 1 to cross through so we perched out upon this hill. It's all about technique and control. Counter steering before the turn to overload the weight to the outside tires, grab a bit if emergency brake and keep on the throttle. Easier said than done right?
Go fast, take chances.


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