Campy Record Pista Hub.

Ah finally an end for the pista wheel. Double butted 2.0/1.8 gauge spokes with a Velocity Aerohead rim. I'm still not 100% sure about the Aerohead rims. They aren't bad for the money but I am now in search for a comparable rim but one that is in round a little more and truer at the time of putting the laced wheel in the truing stand for final steps of the build. i.e. true, dish and roundness. I am not expecting to find a rim on par with Mavic's Open Pro (my choice for road wheelsets on a custom build level) for the Aerohead's money but at least halfway.
The tasty morsel from Italy. Campy Nuovo Record track hub circa mid-80s.
17 teeth on the track cog. Many more teeth in my mouth.


Anonymous said…
LOVE the teeth pic! ;o)))

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