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Campy Record Pista Hub.

Ah finally an end for the pista wheel. Double butted 2.0/1.8 gauge spokes with a Velocity Aerohead rim. I'm still not 100% sure about the Aerohead rims. They aren't bad for the money but I am now in search for a comparable rim but one that is in round a little more and truer at the time of putting the laced wheel in the truing stand for final steps of the build. i.e. true, dish and roundness. I am not expecting to find a rim on par with Mavic's Open Pro (my choice for road wheelsets on a custom build level) for the Aerohead's money but at least halfway. The tasty morsel from Italy. Campy Nuovo Record track hub circa mid-80s. 17 teeth on the track cog. Many more teeth in my mouth. ---------------------------------- stickboy

Shimano Dura Ace service, buy Campy!

Here comes another post of why you need to ride Campagnolo instead of Shimano. I have replaced numerous derailleur cables (rear) over the years. The cable snaps half an inch from the pill on the end of the cable. Why, cheap cable, end of use cycle, storing the bike frequently after rides in a low gear on the cassette. The latter keeps constant tension on the cable, stretching it over time. One of the local racers had a cable snap a couple of months ago. I replace the cable but was unsuccessful retrieving the broken section of cable. It had fallen into the body of the Dura Ace shifter. Problems from that were waiting to arise. He had shifting issues recently so now was the time to disassemble and retrieve the shrapnel. While I don't have any pics from the service but I can pass a few thing onto you. First off, if you don't have the mechanical aptitude to disassemble and reassemble anything, don't proceed, send the shifter back to Shimano for service of find someone that has

Snow? Freehub service, FSA RD400 wheelset

Winter is here and we saw a few inches of snow at the shop today. This is looking out towards the entrance for the shop. Through that section of trees is a slice of heaven I call Starbucks. That's Josh's Subie. ---------------------------------- And now back to bike stuff. I have been meaning to do a posting on the servicing on a freehub/rear hub. I explained on a prev posting about the Shimano WH-600 f/h service. I performed a service on a wheel that belonged to one of the racers for the team that the shop supports. He is riding the FSA RD-400 wheelset. A nice performing set of hoops, good weight and super affordable. Barry started placing better in his Cat upon ditching his sponsors hoops and rolling on these that I ordered for him, hmmm. This is a basic service where I won't be removing the axle or the bearings of the hub or freehub. They are removable cartridge type and ceramic versions are available . Here we go. I apologize in advance as I took these pix with my came

Getting dirty, rally racing.

The weather is getting crappy here and I am digging out some old photos of fair weather to keep the spirits high. Not bike related but speed is good in any form. 2003 Susquehanna Trail Pro Rally. Higgins; back when he race for Mitsu. on the 12 Mile Stage near the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Yes we have one too! Night fall was creeping in and I was lucky to get this shot before all light was lost. WRX at the same corner as above only 10 minutes later. The lights these guys run are enough to make small animals that my wander across their path, burst into flames! Here is my attempt at Ansel Adams. The Pa Gran Canyon, West Rim view. East Rim view. If you look closely to left of the water you'll see part of the Rail Trail that follow the Canyon floor. This rail trail sees a lot of travel. Just casual riding like any other rail trail. Me being a tourist. The weather sucked that weekend. Rain and lots of it. It was our second year attending the STPR. The first year was sunny and hot in 200