Cranksgiving in York.

Cranksgiving in York!
I am super stoked to get in on this. Tone came into the shop over the summer, introduced himself, had a great story about the Alleycats in NYC and Cranksgiving. He is living in York and we're getting our first annual race. Pix and review to follow.
Cinco's Pinarello was finally built last month. Sexy bike no doubt. Not the fastest whip but comfortable on the pave'. Once the parts came in and all the Campy stink was hung, I nailed the fit and Cinco pinned it throwing some coal on that weekend. A HUGE lesson was to be learned with that build, DON'T order anything that considered big ticket, around the time of Interbike. Nuff said. He totally caught me off guard by rewarding me with a pair of Speedplay pedals for the Masi Gran Crit. I love them so far with only one ride on the road with them and some trainer time indoors.


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