2007 Cranksgiving York

Cranksgiving 2007 York is officially in the books. And hopefully a few more families will get some needed meals for their families through the York Food Bank.

My morning didn't start off too hot...showing up 15min late. Forgot my camera, went back for that. Forgot my backpack, went back for that. Needed gas, got that on the way. Forgot my head, no wait my arse was sitting on my shoulders, dang!

Around 22 enthusiastic cyclists showed up Saturday Novemeber 17th, 2oo7 for York's first ever Cranksgiving. This whole event was orchestrated by Tone, a former NYC messenger of 10 years. Tone has put together Cranksgivings in the past for the riders of the Big Apple. Funny how he moved from New York to York? Wait, Deniro movie line somewhere in there? The weather was in the low 30s, overcast, slight wind, straight up cold.

Everyone got their manifests that morning for the race. A packet with the necessary numbered spoke card and a map on the outside of the envelope which to nav from grocery store to store. With our bicycle's back tires against the curb and adrenaline rising, we were off at the shout of 'Go' from Tone.

The group splintered into smaller packs comprised of local shops and friends. I was in with the comrades from the shop. Let me preface by saying that we don't F*^$ around. If we are going to pin it to win it, we do. If we are going to take a dirt nap, Josh, Kels and Jason will. Seriously, the first set of rail road tracks we road up to a full speed, Josh or should I just call him Meat, tried to bunny hop and forgot he was on a fixed bike. Not pretty as I was 10 yards behind him. He went one way, his bike the other. He slammed so hard that the impact and sound concussion ripple the asphalt large enough to take out Kelsey on her bike, immediately. Have you ever seen the opening scene in the new movie Transformers, where the helicopter Blackout takes out the military base with a sonic tidal wave...there you go. Nuff said. I braked fast, the group soft peddled until we all regrouped at the next turn.

The traffic for a Saturday afternoon in York was pretty typical. At least it wasn't raining. The vibe of the group I was with was hilarious. I have ridden with these guys all summer. With addition to Brian who came home from school in Philly to do the ride. And Drew who is now drinking the Masi Kool-Aid as well. There was a nice selection of single speeds, some fixed some cruisers, or franken-bikes. I regret not getting more pix but I was having way too much fun and forgot to snap away.
My first purchase. In tradition with a can of Campbell's Soup and a 20 spot.Matty G at Giant in the Self Check Out. More like everyone was checking him out. I grabbed an old lock to use the day of the event. Matt didn't have one obviously. Mine was a self set 4 digit number that I had no idea of the combo and it was locked. By the time I got to the city to start, I cracked it.From left to right. Me, Brian, Matty G, Meat and Chandler. One of our stops was the Giant near the York Fair Grounds or what I have commonly called it for the past 20 years, the Ghetto Giant. Sure enough as I was taking this SP above, at the top of the frame out of the shot was a police car parked askew. Someone had just been robbed, purse snatcher.Tone making it all happen. Thanks and see you next year!
Two guys from King of Prussia/Lancaster area. Thanks for coming out. They were really excited to be a part of this first time event. The guy on the right had a nice steel blue Schwinn World fixie.
Winner of the 2007 Cranksgiving of York, Lincoln. I think that was his name. He and Keller finished under an hour. Everyone handed in all their receipts as proof of shopping at the established stores. If not you get DQ, like me! (Ah, yes the perils of mistaking your extra long pit zips on your jacket, as a pocket. Only to have them fall out as you rode away. The pit zips are that long! I figured that out when I got home and tried to through my cell phone into my pocket, only to have it fall out the bottom and onto my foot.) Keller getting a nice Cranksgiving trophy/canned food for second place. Keller almost won the event but didn't have all tickets in his manifest envelope thus opening the door for his riding partner. You have to love drama like that.
Tammy received first place in the Ladies Category. That didn't go with heckling as her bikefriend, Blake, carried all of her groceries!Blake showing us his can.Post ride brew with Melissa, Claire, Josh and Seth.Drew, Matty G and brother Jason relaxing with some pie. PSU alumni. Matty wasn't kidding in Weis when he said that he was getting a pie for after the ride. Pumpkin never tasted so good.Brian, Hank and his gf Kelsey. Addiction of the iPhone in progress...

Thanks to everyone that came out, and large thanks to Tone and his girl who got all of us out for a good cause and for some laughs.


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