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2007 Cranksgiving York

Cranksgiving 2007 York is officially in the books. And hopefully a few more families will get some needed meals for their families through the York Food Bank . My morning didn't start off too hot...showing up 15min late. Forgot my camera, went back for that. Forgot my backpack, went back for that. Needed gas, got that on the way. Forgot my head, no wait my arse was sitting on my shoulders, dang! Around 22 enthusiastic cyclists showed up Saturday Novemeber 17th, 2oo7 for York's first ever Cranksgiving. This whole event was orchestrated by Tone, a former NYC messenger of 10 years. Tone has put together Cranksgivings in the past for the riders of the Big Apple. Funny how he moved from New York to York? Wait, Deniro movie line somewhere in there? The weather was in the low 30s, overcast, slight wind, straight up cold. Everyone got their manifests that morning for the race. A packet with the necessary numbered spoke card and a map on the outside of the envelope which to nav from gro

Cranksgiving, Masi and Freehub servicing.

2 days until Cranksgiving and I'm getting super stoked. Head count is close to 20? Here is a shot of me from the Tour de Pink this year. This shot was taken by John M. Flores . He was Cinco's roommate for a spell on the 07 TdP. John is an avid photographer, motorcycle enthusiast and bike fan. He had a camera mounted on the end of the motorcycle's handlebar which too a picture every 5 seconds. Pretty cool. I was attempting to out run him in the above frame; with a slight downhill rolling close to 30mph. Thanks John. Hope you leg is getting better. The bike against the guide rail. The frame pump isn't something that oozes speed, technology and state of the art but damn it I had to almost pull it off 2 times for rogue dogs that chased me. The Conti 4000 from 2 years ago have been wearing like nails. They are starting to get flat and I rotated them for the event. I am hesitant to get rid of them as I have had ZERO flats with them on my Ultegra hoops. -Speaking of hoo

Cranksgiving in York.

Cranksgiving in York! I am super stoked to get in on this. Tone came into the shop over the summer, introduced himself, had a great story about the Alleycats in NYC and Cranksgiving. He is living in York and we're getting our first annual race. Pix and review to follow. ---------------------------------- Cinco's Pinarello was finally built last month. Sexy bike no doubt. Not the fastest whip but comfortable on the pave'. Once the parts came in and all the Campy stink was hung, I nailed the fit and Cinco pinned it throwing some coal on that weekend. A HUGE lesson was to be learned with that build, DON'T order anything that considered big ticket, around the time of Interbike. Nuff said. He totally caught me off guard by rewarding me with a pair of Speedplay pedals for the Masi Gran Crit. I love them so far with only one ride on the road with them and some trainer time indoors. ---------------------------------- stickboy