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Give some bike love to Tara...

During the great weekend that the guys had at the 24 Hours of 7 Springs, one of the greatest female 4X/DH pinners was seriously injured that weekend. Give her some love... jump ! Get well, be well and love one another. -------------------------------- \m/ stickboy

24 Hours of Seven Springs part 2.

Here are some more pix of me and the boys from the weekend. Pix courtesy of MJ. Thanks! Wrench time Saturday morning. Working the bugs out of Matty's rig after a summer of punishing it in Moab. Post race pix. A little fun, a little steeze with the crew. I think I found my chain break tool... The winning team of the Sport Class 2007 24 Hours of 7 Springs. The boys in the yellow hats really were the mules of the weekend. Congrats guys! Driving home and barely staying awake on the Pa Turnpike. Hoping that the Starbucks kicks in soon. -------------------------------- \m/ stickboy

24 Hours of 7 Springs 2007

....come on Matt, get up. You gotta get ready for your next lap! I verbally threw into his tent hoping to get a reply of some sort. Anything would be great at this point coming from him. 'Hmmph, ugh, yah.....' spilled out of Matt's sleepy mouth. From inside of his brothers tent, sleeping for 2 hours may have well been 2 minutes. Everyone was getting worn down being 18hours into the 24 hours of 7 Spring's 24hr mountain bike race and no one was really kicking up their heels to fill Matty's spot if he couldn't make it out for his turn at a lap. More on this later. The 24 hour race circuit has been growing steadily over the past, hmm, 11 years that I have been involved with them. This was my 6th team that I have aligned myself with over that time span and by far the BEST bunch of guys I have ever given my support to. Not that I may come off as being partial since the 4 of them work and wrench for the bike shop I run. This posting will cover the team, it's pe