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Iron Hill Twilight Crit, family crit.

The Iron Hill Twilight Crit race was awesome. A handful of us including my wife drove to West Chester, Pa to witness, IMO one of the better races I've seen on the road circuit. The shop supported team based out of central Pa, Monstr Health Care/pb Token Products and the A&F Masi team from west of here where our targets for cheering that evening. On the MHC squad was Russ, Wes, Brandon, Denny, Steve and one other I could recognize. Unfortunatly while on their practice lap the field was stage at the line causing Russ and the crew to be way in the back at the line. Damn! 1 mile course, 60 laps in under 1.5hours, wicked fast for the finishing crew. Mark Hekman of A&F was in the points lead for the Crit series. Naturally riding a Masi along with the rest of the team, we yelled our heads off for them too. Mark controlled the peleton well, floating from 2nd in the group to 8th and back up again. I gathered that he finished 6th but later found out a despute with an official landed