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Stratton Demo 2007.

Delayed posting of the demo. This is the 2007 installment of the Stratton Demo from Stratton Vermont. The jet stream was finally using the Mason Dixon boarderline as a limbo stick so the weather was proving itself to be a cold one. My traveling mates were Josh and Cinco. We took his new Subaru Legacy wagon which proved to be comfortable in the ride up...I called the back see. Maybe I am sick in the head but I enjoy folding my 6 foot 5 in body in the backseat for road trips. I like the point of view back there when traveling down the road. KK followed us in his Passat wagon. Sunday evening we rolled into the Man of Kent pub for beverages and eats. Josh and Bets. My Tuesday night crew. As you can see in the foreground, she prefers to drink beer and he love A1... Don't let anyone tell you a bowl of Veggie Chili can't look good. I prefer to play with my food Mom! Ed's/Boardroom Crew. One of these faces you can trust with your daughter, none of them you