Cold weather & FSA Mega Exo BBs.

Man, I never saw that one coming... gotta give Yellow boy some props for signing up for this one... PAIN.


I spent the weekend painting. Having a house seems to be an endless comsumer of all available or small increments of time. My daughter will be 2 on New Year's Eve. She has been sleeping in a 'big girl' bed on the floor and loving it. No more crib for the past month. Her crib room/color was a Bianchi Celeste-ish green walls. Now to make it a girlier room I have gone with Pinarello Pink. At least the projects are nothing short of being bike related...


Ski Roundtop and the local mountains are starting to fire up the guns for snow making. That's good because last Thursday it was 72 deg in central Pa.


I finally serviced my bike after letting it sit for a month-post Tour de Pink ride. Feel free to donate, I still have more fund raisin' to do. Thanks!

The bottom bracket on the Masi Gran Crit is an FSA Mega-Exo and so far has been n0-mega-creak-o. It seems everyone around me has their Exo BBs detonating. There really needs to be a better system regarding the adjustment of said system. Campy looks like they are going to have a home run on their hands with their new external bb system.

Crank and BB removed. Silt build up on the Deda bb yoke around the front derailleur cable from 2 hours on the rail trail that October morning for the TdP. After removing the FSA K-Force crank, I removed the Exo bottom bracket and half way thru the extraction, the bike piddled on the floor like a happy puppy...only more like 2-3 oz fell out. The Mega Exo bb has a sealing sleeve that connects the left side bearing to the right side bearing. And being an aluminum frame and not an old school steel one, no drain holes in the bb shell of the frame.

More water than a village in Botswana? Maybe not. This is what was left after the removal of the crank assembly. I continued the service by using an air compressor and blasting out the remaining water and finally drying with a rag. I regreased the threads of the bb (frame not bearing assy.) with a water proof teflon based grease. Grease the frame bb shell threads, not the actual bottom bracket. This will allow the grease to stay in the frame instead of 'threading the grease off' as you reinstall the Mega bearing assy or standard bottom bracket, whatever you have. The pix above reveals a sliver of thread shaving in the shell via non drive side. A reminant of the initial installation of the bottom bracket from the factory.

Everything is back together and spinning smoothly. Time for winter riding on the Cyclops.





Erik said…
Hi! Were you selling a pair of Rolf Vigor wheels on the serotta forums? If so, I sent you a pm over there regarding them... thanks in advance, and apologies if I've got the wrong person! :-)

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