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Cold weather & FSA Mega Exo BBs.

Man, I never saw that one coming... gotta give Yellow boy some props for signing up for this one... PAIN . ----------------------------- I spent the weekend painting. Having a house seems to be an endless comsumer of all available or small increments of time. My daughter will be 2 on New Year's Eve. She has been sleeping in a 'big girl' bed on the floor and loving it. No more crib for the past month. Her crib room/color was a Bianchi Celeste-ish green walls. Now to make it a girlier room I have gone with Pinarello Pink. At least the projects are nothing short of being bike related... ------------------------------ Ski Roundtop and the local mountains are starting to fire up the guns for snow making. That's good because last Thursday it was 72 deg in central Pa. ------------------------------ I finally serviced my bike after letting it sit for a month-post Tour de Pink ride. Feel free to donate , I still have more fund raisin' to do. Thanks! The bottom bracket on the