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York Tour de Pink 2006

So here starts the first installment of the York Tour de Pink. October 6-9th; 4 days traveling by boat and water through 3 states. Start in the Big Apple and finish at Hershey Park, Hershey Pennsylvania. This event supports young survivors of breast cancer; awareness and research are top priorities of the YSC…Young Survivors Coalition. Below are the pictures I took to capture the event and it's soldiers. I packed up my gear and waited for the arrival of my traveling comrades; Josh and Melissa Clingan and Michelle Bote. Tim Fives would be meeting us in NYC as he had some biz-natch to take care of at his job. Fives did drop off his bike and bags the day before to allow for easier travel. 4 bikes on the Subaru and away we went. Through some tolls, down some roads and over to 7th street to the Park Central Motel. We check in and get our roommates assigned. Me and Fives, Josh and Melissa, Michelle and Brent! What!? Or at least that’s what the person said behind the desk in a poor acce

Interbike 2006

Alright, I am starting to accept the fact that I can only post once a month. I suppose... Interbike 2006 has some simple highlights. Road bike-SRAM, SRAM, SRAM Mountain bike-29r, 29r, 29r. That's simple enough. Here is one of my fav pix. Me on the left and Masiguy on the right. As you can see his attempt to get me sloshed and write a large Masi order for next year almost worked, Ha! Just kidding. Thanks for the Masi necklace. Tim Jackson is the Iatola of Bike O'la or plainly put the brand manager of Masi Bicycles. He spearheads the bike development and spec'ing of the best damn bikes I've ever thrown my sticks over. What major issue does Masi and BMW share every year? Anyone? Anyone, Bueller, Bueller? Making their flagship model better is the answer to that question. The Masi Gran Crit is going on a couple decades now and today is sporting a bitchin' matte black finish over aluminum/carbon tubing, sturdy hoops and SRAM! The GC is your choice for fitness, tr