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Susquehanna Trail Performance Rally 2006

For ducks only. That should be on the website. Hmmm, they changed the 'P' in the name to 'performance'. It used to be 'Pro'. No p/c? I don't know but the cars were fast, the weather was wet for the 4th year in a row and Subarus are everywhere! Love it! Friday night it rained like a cow pissing on a flat rock. I stayed up until 1230 waiting for Matt to show, crawled in the tent and passed out. Matt rolled in around 0115. The weather started to dry up above around 1130 Saturday morning. We went into Wellsboro to see the cars as they registered and got ready to leave the square for Stage 1. The ususal Stage 1 is the water crossing at Stony Fork but the rains were too heavy, the creek too high for it to be ran as a later stage. They committee didn't want cars to break down so soon so they bumped the crossing to a later stage. The NiCads on the cam were dumping so pix where limited and struggling to get a good focus on the cars in the low