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Happy birthday Gantz

May I remind everyone again how fast time flies. I gave that some thought today as I cleaned up the bits of corn and rice from my daughter's side of the dinner table. She is 16 mos old going on 16yrs. Words are tumbling out of her mouth, her eyes seem to look deeper into mine the more I read and wrestle with her. Maybe time goes by quicker as you get older because we all become slaves to work, don't vacation enough or take the time to thank those around us in our penned up suv, bluetooth, hurray for me and *#$@ you world. It seemed like when I was young time moved more slowly. I crammed as much into my waking 19 hour day as possible; stringing together education, work, girls/social life and food consumption. From a video perspective the music video for Live's 'I Alone'. A performance in slow motion on MTV but was shot at double speed to give it the slow appearance. Love that band and I am now on a severe tangent... Enjoy that cold beer on a Friday after work a bit s