Social Distortion at the Sonar Club.

I took another drive to Bmore to the Sonar Club with Hugh. Man this place is easy to get to, has descent prices for tix and good bands. The doors cracked at 8pm. With 45 min to kill, we stepped on over to Hammerjacks for a couple of cold ones. Back inside.

First opening band...Bullets and Octane. Never heard of them or had a clue what they played. After 35min I was digging them. I want to hear their studio lp. Live wise they rocked. The singer had a swagger like Ian Astbury of The Cult. Hard drums, thick guitars, vocals like Danzig/Cult/STP sort of?

Second band. The Dead 60's. Like a corpse that was buried in the 60's and rotting to nothing. This bands music stinks as such. These guys should be opening up the Dave Matthew's Band or like that. More painful than masturbating with a cheese grater folks...

By default I'll go to see a band and enjoy their music, feel the music and with my diluted past of guitar playing; I enjoy watching what instruments they're playing. Guitar brands, one, two or three pickups switched on and their tones that emit from the effects boards. The Dead 60's had some talent for generating sounds and harmonics useage but still not greasy enough nor driving in a '64 Plymouth.

Social Distortion took the stage. Mike Ness struts out in a long black coat and hat. They go driving into 'Mommy's Little Monster' then 'Sick Boy' and more and more. Youth, rebellion, And the girl in front of the room, So close yet so far you know she never seemed to notice, That this silly school boy crush wasn't just pretend. That was from 'Story of my Life' one of my favs. Lyrically relevant to me growing up. Currently good memories to lift the soul in times of depression. Social D turned out Jonny Cash's 'Ring of Fire' prefaced by a profetic Ness and telling about not dying with your dick in your hand or your friend's dick. Some attend the show with their lovers, some have a lover waiting for when they get home, some aren't so luck added the lead singer. Sex, love and rock n roll is their latest cd. Very good and sounding much like their older material. Lyrically more matured but still on a similar M.O. As mentioned before in a past blog, 'Angel's Wings' tags my memories of Jon Gantz, rest in peace...They didn't perform it but it was worth noting off their latest album. Nothing bad to say on the band side. Good job Ness and the boys.

On another note, why in the hell did I go to the show and not wear my steel toed Docs? Huh? I apparently like smashed toes from the drunk jock frat boys that thought it was necessary to throw their bodies on us to get closer to the stage. As we stand with my balls parked on some ones arse that I don't know, the lot of us starts toppling. I glance over to a drunken sneer and 2 other guys with him plowing through. Later a guy as tall as me at 350lbs is making like a drunk Taz and spinning around and off me and those near buy. He wouldn't stop, no way. Now in a typical pit setting, you should be good to each other, respect each other, help each other up if someone goes down. Not this time. He needed a serious blanket party. He was bounced out in no time. This little lady started to hit the deck behind me, grabs my arm/elbow, I grab her hand then and she's hanging from my arm like a kid on the monkey bars. Gotta help ya know... Later after the show as we are pouring out of the club I see her and her man. She is now gingerly thanking me for helping her and throws her arms around and gives me a hug. Man I love America.

Killington, VT gets 19 in of snow last week.

7 Springs ski resort tags six inches.

I saw some flurries in Glen Rock the evening of the Social Distortion show. I'll take what I can get...



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