25 years of bullshit...

Whoa it's been awhile since the last post. Work, family and sanity have been taking the front seat.

Last month I went to Baltimore to see Henry Rollins' spoken word...'25 years of Bullshit' tour. The Sonar theater/club near the Inner Harbor. New owners are drumming up biz by nailing down new shows and solid acts. Oct 26 in Social Distortion...'let it be me...' Not a bad joint. I would definitly go there again.

Loved it. Front, center and 3 row back. Close to sweat on us, intense! Hank did 2.5 hrs of his content with the color and delivery that only a Rollins fan could love. Hurricane Katrina, el Presidente', Traveling the Transiberian Express, Military tour for our beloved soldiers, love and relationships. He had it all covered. The crowd in attendence ranged from obvious fans that serve in the military, couples, old heads(Me and Hugh), his shows draw all walks of life.
The show drew to an end. He honestly thanks the audience. I remember an old snowboarding buddy of mine that saw his band play years back, say that he got to meet Rollins after his show by waiting outside. Did it! An hour later I was face to face with him, had shake, good words and a picture. That made my day! Celeb number two met this year. Celeb number one was freestyle motodude, Travis Pastrana. Pic later on that.

The shop is official transitioned for the winter. Bike orders are being written for next season. Rocky Moutain's Slayer is super strong for next year...6 in travel, XC meets RMX.
Snowboards are in, clothes almost there. Still have a mess of inventory to straighten out from the prev. manager...blow that stuff out of here.



The Donut Guy said…
Henry Rollins is good stuff.

Damn, you're gonna be famous soon...........

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