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REPOST: Bike love and tolerance. | stickboybike

I'm really hesitant to post a story like this. It makes my stomach turn.

Here we go. 
I received a phone call today from a good cycling friend of mine who I've known for almost a decade now. He called to inform me that one of his team riders was attacked by a 19-year-old motorist while riding in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The cyclist's name I will not mention at this point had received a flat on the rear wheel. At that moment he didn't repair the flat and continued to slowly pedal on the deflated tire along the shoulder of the road/painted line. A car came speeding from behind and blared the horn right next to him in hopes to scare the slowly pedaling cyclist. The rider waved a hand gesture in the air at the rude motorist in response and continued to pedal for another stretch of road. The 19-year-old driver apparently had a bone to pick that day and pulled his car over to the shoulder of the road and waited for the cyclist. The cyclist while slowly pedaling around the…

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