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REPOST: Bike love and tolerance. | stickboybike

I'm really hesitant to post a story like this. It makes my stomach turn. Here we go.  I received a phone call today from a good cycling friend of mine who I've known for almost a decade now. He called to inform me that one of his team riders was attacked by a 19-year-old motorist while riding in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The cyclist's name I will not mention at this point had received a flat on the rear wheel. At that moment he didn't repair the flat and continued to slowly pedal on the deflated tire along the shoulder of the road/painted line. A car came speeding from behind and blared the horn right next to him in hopes to scare the slowly pedaling cyclist. The rider waved a hand gesture in the air at the rude motorist in response and continued to pedal for another stretch of road. The 19-year-old driver apparently had a bone to pick that day and pulled his car over to the shoulder of the road and waited for the cyclist. The cyclist while slowly pedaling around the
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Turn Shoppers Into Customers | STICKBOYBIKE

Many of these 10 secrets in the linked article below, revolve around your business' UVP. If you're seeing an annual increase of shoppers who are 'showrooming' you or getting out their phone to scan your inventory bar codes into the #amazon app, these shoppers are hungry to buy. Sharpen your UVP delivery skills and engage with that shopper! It's better than hearing, 'Nah, I'm just looking'. Here is your opportunity to close that sale! #uvp #whatsyourwhy #retail101 READ HERE: OIA breakfast at Outdoor Retailer offers insights on Millennial consumers

A Warm Summer Evening Bike Ride_Lancaster PA | stickboybike

There are times when people help you out in life. There are times when you're called upon to suddenly help out that person or people as well. Mike, the guy in the bright green jersey has been there in my life when I least expected it. For mentoring me with fitness, work ethic, motivation, and staying present during times of chaos. Mike always puts others first in his life. Like many who walk that path, sometimes need a bit of help themselves with getting back on the horse- staying active, making good food choices, and exercise. I've been able to get Mike back on the bike for the past couple of weeks. Nothing heavy, just steady riding, steady motion, and fresh air. He seems to really be enjoying the bike. The woman on Mike's right is my rock. Friends for several years. She too expanded my horizons with goal setting; training in the gym, long-distance self-supported rides, and an appreciation for good gin. The wheat is tall and the shadows are long. Give me more of thos

Climbing the Welsh Mtns - Lancaster PA | stickboybike

I hope you all are taking advantage of the good weather on the weekends, to put in some miles. Last weekend Kitmonster and I hopped on our Bianchi bikes and knocked off a 100k loop that took us up through the Welsh Mountains. I took my gravel bike as I'm still shaking down the reliability of the new rear tire- Panaracer Gravelking 38mm slick tire. So far it's holding up. This route never disappoints me, with its rolling hills in and out of the 'Welshies'. And it's heavy, two-mile climbs with the second climb reach 1000' of verticle elevation. (That's a mountain for Pennsylvania, but maybe not Vermont.) I shot this quick video with my iPhone X during the last climb and I'm always amazed by the built-in stabilization of that phone. It's no replacement for a good Go-Pro set up or a mirrorless camera for vlogging, but hey, I'm not going after that. Have a good one!

RECAP: Little Britain 200k | PA Randonneurs

2020 brings a new calendar for the Pennsylvania Randonneurs and this past Saturday was the opener for the season. The Little Britain 200k . My happy ass did not have the base miles to carve out 125 miles that day but Kit, always having that fitness on hand, registered for the event. After 2 days of hard rains, the weather was looking pretty damp for the brevet and a little slice of me was glad I was not doing it. However, a bit of me was sad that I was not joining Kit on her first 200k ride since she moved to the Keystone state. So the least I could do is roll out to the start of the ride, reconnect with Andrew Mead (RBA) the organizer, and say hello to some of the riders whom I met last year at the Victory to Remember 200k. With lights on the bike, at 5:50am we pushed off towards the starting point of the ride. The meetup point was at The Shops at Landis Valley. The 20-minute bike ride to the start was under the darkness of the early morning and covered under a blanket of dense

Transformation Tuesday | Skin Deep Edition

Change starts with 'you'. Transformation Tuesday isn’t always about getting buns of steel (yeah, I’m showing my age) or dropping 50 lbs from your mid-line.  7 years ago I made the choice to start racing cyclocross.   This put me in front of some wonderful people (thx to S. Mealey). This community of people was much like the individuals I hung out with in school during my skating and BMX days... open-minded, artistic, anti-establishment, vegetarian and vegan, basically counterculture and inclusive. It was easy for me to gel into this subset of the cycling world. During those years of racing and training, the movement for clean eating came to the forefront in the form of cookbooks from Skratch Labs. My friends starting cooking this stuff which motivated me to take the journey to try new foods. Always loving to cook, my enthusiasm for food kept developing and suddenly plant-based athletes such as Rich Roll, John Joseph started to pop up in my YouTube feed. I got hook

Church of the Cosmic Skull - Evil in your Eye (Official Video)

As I complete another trip around the sun and finish my 5 lbs bowl of oatmeal, I'm reminded of how much I love the recent cluster of jam-band-doom-metal/rock that I keep tripping over on YouTube and Spotify. Thank you, friends, family, musical algorithms.