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RECAP: Little Britain 200k | PA Randonneurs

2020 brings a new calendar for the Pennsylvania Randonneurs and this past Saturday was the opener for the season. The Little Britain 200k.

My happy ass did not have the base miles to carve out 125 miles that day but Kit, always having that fitness on hand, registered for the event.

After 2 days of hard rains, the weather was looking pretty damp for the brevet and a little slice of me was glad I was not doing it. However, a bit of me was sad that I was not joining Kit on her first 200k ride since she moved to the Keystone state. So the least I could do is roll out to the start of the ride, reconnect with Andrew Mead (RBA) the organizer, and say hello to some of the riders whom I met last year at the Victory to Remember 200k.

With lights on the bike, at 5:50am we pushed off towards the starting point of the ride.
The meetup point was at The Shops at Landis Valley. The 20-minute bike ride to the start was under the darkness of the early morning and covered under a blanket of dense fog. A …

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