Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Hincapie loves his fans.

This story closes the year nicely with regards to anyone who is a fan of any Pro Tour racer.

Being 6' 5", I've been a huge fan of George Hincapie since the Postal days. Hey, us large cyclists have to stick together right? Or at least form a team with Ryder, Hincapie, Wiggins and me so we have someone to actually draft off of.

Back to the story here, one of my Bianchistas who hails from my area and used to wrench with me back in the shop days, is a huge George Hincapie fan. Fanboy was over the pond and caught some of the 2010 TdF and snapped a really rad photo of George. Bianchista's brother-in-law is a massive George fan and figured it would make a swell gift he could get Hincapie's John Hancock on the photo; as a gift.

I suggested to the Bianchista that he mail the photo to Hincapie Sportswear HQ in Greenville, SC and see what happens. Below is the email from today that prompted this entry:

Hope you are well and not tooooo busy during the holiday season. I wanted to write a quick Thank You for your help in contacting George Hincapie. We printed out a photo of him from the tour and sent it to Rich as you suggested. Just a few days back we got the envelope with his autograph and a very nice note from Rich, "A great photo--George was happy to sign. Happy Holidays". What a great couple of guys! Our brother-in-law will probably pee himself when he opens the photo for Christmas. Thanks for a the good advice--be well and talk to you soon!


There you go guys, George and Rich have crossed that line of- Bros not Pros. Love it!

Now go buy some Arenberg armwarmers, it's friggin' cold out there!

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Anonymous said...

I have to second the sentiment here. I had the chance to ride with George for a few minutes during a charity ride recently. George was very gracious & other than blowing by us once like we were standing still was absolutely great. Thanks for representing Greenville & the US as you do George. Thanks to the Hincapie family for all you do.

P.S. Right now you are gonna need a lot more than some arm warmers to feel cozy on a ride.