Sunday, December 02, 2007

Token Accura pt 2

Just a brief post at the end of the weekend. I would have done more but it seems I have caught some kind of a stomach bug/gut rot syndrome. Ugh!
A bit more Campy from one of the bike builds from last year's team bike. They have switched over from Vellum Bicycles frames to the Token Corsa model. The Corsa is a much better frame and stiffer too.

Russ brought the magazine bike over Friday night for me to grace my skills wrapping the bars. I also went through the entire operations of the drive train, Token Accura group. I love it. The shifts feel like SRAM punchy, mechanical. The front has the trim abilities of Shimano. Shuriken chainrings up front allow for quarter crank rotation upshifts. On par with Dura Ace and Campy. The carbon crank that was installed and soon to be available to the US market was accompanied with the Shuriken chainrings that were reminicent of the FSA Super Rings. Only picture a black ring, and where the machining exposes the shiny aluminum between the crank arm's spider, ano red. not bad looking.
Weather right now is 30 deg F and raining. Where is my snow?

Guts to bed.

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