Sunday, December 09, 2007

Snowboarding for the first time. Token Corsa, 2008 races.

Crappy weather did keep us off the slopes today. I headed up to Ski Roundtop to meet Josh and Melissa for some snowboard teaching. They are skiers crossing over to the dark side. Mwah, hahaha! No really I was teaching the basics to them this morning. They both did great considering the weather was cloudy and drizzling all morning. Josh's last run of the day he nailed it with zero falls on his run. Good job guys!
Not too much to report on the bike end of things. The Token Corsa magazine bike is shipping this Friday.

I need to get my arse into first gear and get ready for winter training. My wife and I attended a Christmas party Saturday. The owner of the house/party host took me downstairs not even 10 secs in the door to show me his new bike. Man that bike just looks fast. He is a heck of a guy and super enthusiastic to help me pick out some 2008 road races to enter that suit my style of riding. That being, I am not a sprinter! He is a Cat 2 and is racing for GS Lancaster's team. I am grateful to have him to call upon. His wife and mine work together.

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