Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy birthday & Happy New Year!

Happy birthday to my daughter. Happy New Year to everyone out there.
Christmas has been good to my kids and myself. The box of goodies as mentioned in the previous post for the Masi Gran Crit arrived. The drivetrain conversion is knocking at my door. I am stoked to get on the trainer with the new gearing and get accustom to the new cadence.

The gym workouts have been good although the holidays are still splintering my training schedule. I snuck in a 4 mile run at the gym the other morning with my new iPhone. I have been kicking around the thought of a Blackberry; for connection with my work, life, and etc. But I don't like the clunkiness of the Blackberry. Needless to say my wife blindsided on Christmas morning with the iPhone. Thanks babe. The iPhone syncs with my Outlook, updating contacts and calender scheduling.

I am hooked on Podcasts. Fuel TV, The-Spokesman and Velonews are loaded as I type. Masiguy has been cooking up a Podcast so I'll keep my finger on that pulse. He has been on The-Spokesman numerous times and is now taking his Masi Bike-speak to the max. Thanks guy! Pour me another glass of that Kool-Aid...good luck, the guys at the shop will be listening.

The next Christmas gift worth mentioning, NWD8. Super dope footage from the world's best DH and FR specialists. Fabian is smoking fast and Cedric Gracia can't do enough whips in any of his parts. I also got 3 concert DVDs that kick arse. AC/DC Live at Donington, Led Zepplin-The Song Remains The Same, and Elvis-Aloha From Hawaii. I have some material for riding the trainer; I think.

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Dude, thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope I live up to the expectations...

I am hoping to do a couple videos each week and 1-3 podcasts as well. On top of the regular blogging... sleep is totally over rated.