Friday, December 21, 2007

Bike parts for next season.

I am doing a snow dance right now. The precipt is lingering too long over south central Pa and the jet stream is too high. Looks like with the holiday family sched I won't get any boarding time or gym time until next week. Holiday excuse right?
With the intentions of getting some road races under my belt next season, I loaded up on some bike parts to get me through the winter. I have been riding the Masi Gran Crit for sometime now and I have an FSA SLK compact crank on it. So I like to climb but the reality of it all is that the crank isn't going to do squat during a road race when I am spun out and getting dropped like a stone. To combat this I called upon my trust parts vendor and scored the following to transition me into spring time.
New parts:

I have been running the KMC x10sc for over a year and thought I would take a stab at a chain that I believe has the same quality, 10bux my cost cheaper(non Campy compat) and Meat has been running it with great success this summer.
FSA Super Rings

Instead of forking out more dollars to get a standard crank. I am replacing the 50/34t combo (110bcd still) and installing a 52/38t ring set. I'll be one tooth away from the standard 53/39 but it's still alright for someone that likes to spin high like me.
Kool Stop Dura-type replacement pads.

Brake pads are final on the list. Kool Stop Dura-Ace type. Great compound with out the mula going to Shimano.

Too be added in spring:

Token C50 wheelset

My recommendation with these wheels is to use you stock pad carrier with a Kool Stop pad as shown above or with a carbon specific replacement pad for the particular carrier. The brake pad holder as shown above has poor alignment capabilities and i don't recommend using them. Sorry Token. Other than that this rock!
Maxxis Xenith Equipe Legere K tire 700x23c

A really good training tire and race tire for the shop has bee the Maxxis Xenith Equipe. It has a good cross section profile, rolls in and out of corners nicely and is super gummy.

Thanks it for now as Meat is soliciting sponsors for the shop's 2008 kits.

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