Sunday, November 25, 2007

Token Products, Masi in Japan

Token sponsors the bike team that we back. They guys have been riding their frames and components for all of 2007.
I'm really am impressed with their carbon wheelsets. Some of the guys are riding the Token T50s and this was the first build I did with C50s. 50mm profile, full carbon, Ceramic Bearings available. T for tubies and C for clincher. The street price for the clinchers are around $1500 usd for the Tiramic bearing version. 1500g est for the pair without rubber and QRs. Think Zipps without the fragility when crashing. I have worked on a couple of the team's bikes post-crash with these wheels and they held up well. After all it was a crashfest this summer for anyone racing in circles.

The Corsa frames in a 54cm built with D/A have tipped in around 15.5lbs as shown above. Monocoque fabrication yielding a sub 1000g frame. Just make sure to use a .5mm headset shim under the headset logo cap when installing or else it'll never stay tight.

Photo courtesy of Masiguy, thanks dude!
Japan's version of Interbike as shown above. Masi Bicycles is taking a firm step forward towards Global Domination. This is a great shot of the new steel whips straight from the mind of The Masiguy, Tim Jackson.


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