Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Token Accura Line, Record Pista

My buddy Russ stopped by the shop last night with some bike porn. The bike product company in which he races for, Token Products, has a new groupo coming out, Accura. Here are some of the parts that I was lucking to play with for the bike that they are building up for the Road Bike Action test.
The pair as you see here comes in at 406gr and Shimano Dura Ace is 10gr more at 416gr. Nice. The feel of the hoods are very Shimano-esk as well as the top portion of the lever/hood region. That area on the Accuras is a window with the 10spd label. Maybe gear indicators down the road? The larger inside shifter paddle executes the low gear selection leaving the actual brake lever fixed. The shifter paddle doesn't float from what I remember, like Campy's Ergo shifters. Up shifts are a smaller button/lever on the outside of the brake lever profile. It protrudes enough that you can finger tip the shift or extend the second knuckle of your pointer to work it. Carbon fiber surface, giving the weight of the pair I suspect its either a carbon overlay with a full aluminum lever or carbon fiber with an aluminum spine.
The brakes are really sharp. Nice skeleton shaping like the SRAM and Campagnolo kits. They are CNC'd and have the mild milling marks to prove it. The pair weigh in at 238gr where as Shimano D/A for the pair are a portly 314gr. The closest competition in the mainstream market are FSA SLKs and Campy's Record. The Italian's weighing in at 280gr, SRAM Red at 265gr for the pair. The Token brakes are front and rear dual pivot so braking leverage shouldn't be an issue. And Shimano compatible cartridge style pads.
The cassette is light and smooth. With the cluster ganged together excluding the 12t and 11t ring, the main body is what appears to be a slab of billet aluminum machined into 8 gear combos like 8 rounds in a clip. Smooth, tech, jewel like and it'll run with their new 10spd chain. The chain is running a 5.9mm width. That's on par with 10spd and I am curious how it will shift with a KMC DX10 SL. I have been running that chain with other Campy bikes at the shop and on my Masi with much success; Campy/Shimano compatible.

Road Bike Action
Test to come within a few months. Fingers crossed.
Speaking of building, I have a wheel to build for one of Russ's teammates. A rear track wheel. He dropped it off at the shop a couple of weeks ago to get worked on. Rather that wheel has been worked. Bad dish, bad tension and the valve hole was caved in on the double wall, inside portion of the rim. I decided to just rebuild the entire hoop. Nothing too extravagant but with a Velocity Aerohead.

The hub is an 80s Campagnolo Record Pista. I cleaned up the hub with some ski base cleaner and she looks good as new. 36 hole and I'll try and get some pix up soon. Velocity Aerohead with DT Swiss Champion spokes.

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